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Intraocular pressure - normal values, symptoms and causes

Increased and too low intraocular pressure The correct pressure conditions in the eye are essential for trouble-free vision. It can be all the more dangerous if the intraocular pressure (tensio) is impaired by health problems. This is usually due to pathological changes in the eye that prevent the proper drainage of the eye's own aqueous humor.
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Eye flicker: causes, diseases and therapy

Flimmern vor den AugenDer Begriff „Augenflimmern“ (oder auch „Augenrauschen“) beschreibt normalerweise ein visuelles Phänomen, bei dem sich kleine, leuchtende Punkte „flimmernd“ vor dem Auge bzw. den Augen hin- und her bewegen und dadurch das klare Sehen erschwert wird. Die Punkte können in Hinblick auf Anzahl und Farbe ganz unterschiedlich auftreten.
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Memory loss (amnesia): causes, symptoms and theapia

Amnesia means memory loss - more precisely, a state in which stored memories or reminders of current actions are disturbed or even lost. Firstly, this state goes far beyond everyday forgetfulness and secondly is not due to the fact that other contents of consciousness come to the fore.
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Diabetes: Whom exercise protects - and who doesn't!

Intestinal flora decides whether exercise protects against diabetesMotion is often recommended when blood sugar levels are high to prevent the transition to diabetes - but with varying degrees of success. Researchers at the University of Hong Kong and the Leibniz Institute for Natural Product Research and Infection Biology in Jena have now jointly deciphered why regular sport prevents the disease in many people, but can even promote diabetes in some.
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