In this way, deaths and hospital stays can be prevented by COVID-19

In this way, deaths and hospital stays can be prevented by COVID-19

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What measures prevent COVID-19 deaths?

Previous measures could reduce COVID-19 hospitalizations and deaths. A new report summarizes how the disease can be diagnosed and treated earlier.

A new article from the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center is about how to reduce hospital admissions and deaths from COVID-19. The results were published in the English-language journal "Open Forum Infectious Diseases".

Improved diagnosis and treatment of COVID-19?

The researchers from the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center play a leading role in the international scientific response to the pandemic. They track the spread of the coronavirus, develop diagnostic tests, design vaccine trials, and work to prevent future outbreaks. The new article looks at how early diagnosis and treatment of COVID-19 can be made possible.

How can the treatment of COVID-19 be optimized?

In their report, the research group attempted to outline the strategy that is necessary to diagnose and treat COVID-19 before the disease becomes uncontrollable. To diagnose and treat the disease more quickly, general home nasal smear tests should be performed. In addition, smaller studies should be pursued, which investigate metrics and symptoms to measure disease progression, the researchers report.

COVID-19: Treatment should be done at home

Safe options for the treatment of those affected by COVID 19 within their own four walls are needed. The team advises that care and treatment should also affect minorities and underserved communities who appear to be disproportionately affected by the disease.

What is the best way to treat COVID-19?

Without a vaccine, the best way to treat COVID-19 is early diagnosis and treatment. Affected people can be kept away from hospitals, where they may die from COVID-19 and endanger other people.

Similar strategies have already been successful

Similar strategies have already been used for other infectious diseases such as HIV, Ebola and influenza, which has significantly reduced transmission rates and mortality. The researchers assume that such measures could also lead to the same advantages for COVID-19.

Weaknesses of previous investigations

Most clinical studies related to COVID-19 evaluate therapies in sick people who are already being hospitalized. Given the fact that the median between the onset of symptoms and the need for hospitalization is a week, an important opportunity for early intervention is missed, the research group summarizes. (as)

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  • Joshua T Schiffer, Christine Johnston, Anna Wald, Lawrence Corey: An early test and treat strategy for SARS-CoV-2, in Open Forum Infectious Diseases (published June 12, 2020), Open Forum Infectious Diseases

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