Back pain after jogging? These tips will help

Back pain after jogging? These tips will help

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Trend sport jogging: running is not a problem for your back

Even though many measures to curb the spread of the corona virus have now been relaxed, the possibilities for sporting activities are still limited. In addition to home training, jogging is becoming increasingly popular. But back pain often occurs after running. Experts explain what can be done about it.

Closed fitness center, no group activities, social isolation: The sporting life is clearly limited during the Corona pandemic. However, what most can do is run. However, this endurance sport often leads to back pain, especially for beginners. But that need not be.

Running is healthy

Jogging is healthy. Scientific studies have shown that running is particularly beneficial for cardiovascular diseases. It also helps you lose weight.

The problem with this endurance sport: the unusual load can lead to uncomfortable back pain, especially for beginners. This is indicated by the campaign Healthy back e. V. in a current message.

The experts explain how the symptoms develop and how you can prevent them.

Strengthen core muscles

Strong core muscles support the back muscles while running. If she is weakened, back pain may occur after exercise. So-called stabilization exercises are useful to strengthen the muscles of the middle of the body.

A particularly effective exercise is the so-called forearm support. To do this, lie flat on a mat and first support yourself on the floor with your forearms.

Then the body is lifted off the floor and care is taken that the body forms a line from head to toe. The hull is kept under tension.

Relieve tension and prevent complaints

In addition to strengthening exercises, stretching and mobilization exercises can also be useful to relieve existing tension and prevent complaints.

As the Healthy Back campaign explains, a fascia ball can help to massage tight areas. In the case of painful muscle tension, heat plasters can also provide relaxation.

The experts advise you to make sure to change wet clothes after the run to prevent the muscles from cooling.

If the pain is severe and radiating, see a doctor

In some cases, the wrong footrest and unsuitable footwear can also cause back pain. Many people make the mistake of touching the heel or ball of the foot on the ground when jogging.

But it makes more sense to walk on the midfoot. The forces that come into contact with the ground are better cushioned, which protects bones, joints and ligaments.

If you want to rule out unsuitable shoes as the cause of your pain, you can get advice on a running shoe analysis.

The Healthy Back campaign finally points out that in the case of severe, radiating pain, you should see a doctor to rule out serious illnesses such as a herniated disc. (ad)

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