Corona: Massive easing of the SARS-CoV-2 containment measures

Corona: Massive easing of the SARS-CoV-2 containment measures

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Relaxation of measures to curb the COVID19 epidemic

In a conference call on May 6, 2020, the Chancellor and the heads of government of the federal states took new decisions on how the corona crisis should continue from then on. Since it has been possible to significantly reduce the number of new infections every day, numerous measures have been relaxed.

It was shown that the number of new infections could be kept low after the first loosening. According to the federal government, no renewed infection dynamics are currently discernible. The Federal Government thanked the citizens for the maximum degree of personal responsibility with which contact bans as well as hygiene and distance rules were observed. Under this condition, considerable further opening steps are feasible that limit the economic damage and the measures restricting freedom to what is absolutely necessary.

Basic rules must be maintained

Since the infection process in Germany is not evenly distributed, there may be different regulations in individual federal states. All loosening should be based on hygiene and distance concepts, which should continue to be followed consistently. In general, the easing is associated with a risk for new chains of infection.

Mask requirement and distance rules remain

Even after the loosening, a minimum distance of 1.5 meters from other people in public must be maintained if possible. In certain public areas such as shops and public transport, the mask requirement continues to apply.

Contact restrictions are relaxed

The contact restrictions will continue to apply until June 5. But these are loosened up somewhat. From now on, it is again permitted that people from one household meet with people from another household. The remaining contact restrictions will remain in effect for the time being.

Countries take on more responsibility

If the number of infections in parts of Germany increases by more than 50 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants within the past seven days, the districts can implement an immediate and consequent restriction concept with the involvement of the responsible state authorities. Such measures must be maintained until the infection rate is below 50 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants for at least seven days.

Gradual opening of schools

In a step-by-step concept, the schools are now to be reopened to all pupils. It is important to comply with appropriate hygiene measures and distance rules. The lessons are to be carried out in the form of partial face-to-face lessons. By the summer vacation, every level of education should be able to attend school. At the same time, digital teaching concepts are to be promoted.

Emergency daycare is expanded

Emergency care in kindergartens and daycare centers is to be expanded in all federal states by May 11 at the latest. By the summer holidays, every child who is transitioning to school should be able to go to daycare again.

New visiting rules for hospitals and nursing homes

Additional protective measures should be taken in hospitals, nursing homes, senior citizens' and disabled facilities. In addition, the patients in hospitals, or the residents of a care facility can be visited by a defined person as long as there is no active infection in the facility.

Hygiene concept in companies

Every company in Germany must now implement a hygiene concept to protect its employees. Unnecessary contacts in the workforce and with customers should continue to be avoided and home work should continue to be preferred. Advice on this is provided by the authorities responsible for occupational safety and health and the accident insurance institutions. Controls by the relevant authorities can also be expected.

All shops should open again

In compliance with hygiene rules and controlled access to avoid queues, all shops can reopen. A maximum number of people applies, which is defined by the sales area.

Sports in the fresh air are allowed again

From now on outdoor and outdoor sports are allowed again under the open sky, i.e. outside of buildings. The sports ministers of the federal states envisage gradual re-entry into training and competition operations.

Gastronomy, tourism and culture

The regulations for tourism and gastronomy are the responsibility of the federal states. The country-specific infection dynamics serve as a basis for decisions. In general, a gradual opening of the catering trade and the tourist use of hotels, pensions and holiday apartments with hygiene and distance concepts should be made possible again. The gradual opening of theaters, operas, concert halls and cinemas is also left to the federal states, subject to hygiene and distance concepts.

Large events remain prohibited

Large events such as folk festivals, larger sporting events with spectators, larger concerts, festivals, village, city, street, wine, rifle festivals or funfair events continue to be prohibited until at least August 31. The population must assume that there will be no easing in this area before the end of August.

Further freedom of choice for the federal states

The federal states themselves decide on the opening of the remaining areas. The focus is on country-specific peculiarities and the prevailing infection site. In this way, the federal states can independently decide on the gradual opening of the following areas:

  • Lectures at universities,
  • Transition from childcare to restricted regular operation,
  • Adult education centers, music schools and other public and private educational institutions outside of school,
  • Bars, clubs and discos,
  • Measure up,
  • Driving schools,
  • Service companies in the field of personal care such as cosmetic studios, massage practices, tattoo studios and similar companies,
  • Sports in all public and private indoor sports facilities, swimming pools and fun pools,
  • Gyms and similar facilities,
  • Operation of other sports and leisure facilities as well as the resumption of competitive and competitive sports,
  • smaller public or private events or celebrations as well as non-festive events,
  • Amusement parks and leisure activities providers (indoor and outdoor),
  • Amusement arcades, casinos, betting shops and similar facilities,
  • Prostitution centers, brothels and similar establishments.


Author and source information

This text corresponds to the requirements of the medical literature, medical guidelines and current studies and has been checked by medical doctors.

Graduate editor (FH) Volker Blasek


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