Ginger: Natural remedy for inflammation and oxidative stress

Ginger: Natural remedy for inflammation and oxidative stress

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Ginger has many health-promoting properties

Ginger is an ancient remedy and spice that can be used in many ways for health - for example, against inflammation. Because, according to a current study, ginger counteracts inflammation and oxidative stress.

New study examines the effects of ginger

In a recent study published in the Journal of Herbal Medicine, researchers examined the effects of ginger on inflammation and free radicals. To this end, they evaluated fourteen randomized, controlled studies and came to the conclusion that ginger supplements can be effective against inflammation and oxidative stress.

"In summary, it can be concluded from the present study that supplementation with ginger can improve the state of health in adults by lowering inflammatory and oxidative stress markers," the conclusion says. However, the researchers also note that further studies with a high methodological quality are necessary to prove this effect even better in the future.

Most people know ginger to strengthen the immune system, but it also has an effect on our stomach, has antibiotic properties and is said to promote blood circulation. And best of all: It is very easy to use the positive effects of the ginger tuber on a daily basis.

Ginger contains many antioxidants

The ginger root is rich in antioxidants. These substances help prevent damage to our cells that can arise from free radicals (oxidative stress). Such cell damage is associated, among other things, with the development of cancer, arthritis, diabetes, arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure or premature skin aging (wrinkles); however, the exact background has not yet been finally researched.

There is always a certain amount of free radicals in the cell metabolism, but as long as there are enough antioxidants, this is not a problem. Because antioxidants can make free radicals harmless. They can be taken in through food and can be found, for example, in the form of vitamin C in citrus fruits or as vitamin E in nuts. The trace element selenium is also an antioxidant, which is found, for example, in fish, milk products, eggs, nuts and lentils.

If you consume ginger regularly, the antioxidants it contains can help keep your cells healthy.

Important information about possible side effects

So far, no final research has been carried out into the question of whether ginger can have undesirable side effects and, if so, from what amount they could be used.

Ginger, however, is thought to have a blood circulation-enhancing effect, so pregnant women and people with high blood pressure should be careful when consuming ginger. If in doubt, please ask your family doctor whether you are allowed to consume ginger and, if so, in what amount per day.

Ginger tea and ginger water

We can easily take advantage of the positive health effects of ginger every day, for example by drinking ginger tea or ginger water. To do this, add a few small slices of ginger to a glass of cold or hot water.

If you like, you can add lemon and maybe sweeten it with a little honey. On hot days, fresh peppermint or fresh basil give the ginger water a cooling note. Those who like it even more refreshing can serve the drink with ice cubes.

Our article "Ginger tea: all healing power through correct preparation" tells you what you should consider when preparing ginger tea.

Even more worth knowing about the "miracle bulb" ginger

If you would like to learn more about the healing power of ginger, read our articles "Ginger - effects, recipes and plant yourself" and "Yellow ginger - a real miracle bulb". (kh)

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