Recall for chocolate started: health risk!

Recall for chocolate started: health risk!

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Recall from Rewe: Chocolate can contain plastic parts

Cacao de Bourgogne from Dijon (France) has recalled the product “Yes! Whole nut whole milk chocolate ”started. According to the company, it cannot be excluded that there are plastic parts in the chocolate. The product was sold at Rewe.

The company Cacao de Bourgogne from Dijon, France, is calling the product “Yes! Whole nut whole milk chocolate ”with the best before date: best before 04.12.2020, batch 2006442827 EAN Code 4 388860 606201. The 100-gram pack was sold in branches of the food retailer Rewe.

Health risks cannot be excluded

The reason for the "recall of the affected article / batch is that there could be black plastic parts (approx. 7 mm) in individual packs of chocolate bar", the company informs in a consumer information that the Federal Office for Consumer Protection and Food Safety (BVL ) has published "" on its portal.

"A health hazard cannot be ruled out with complete certainty," it continues. "We strongly advise against eating the affected product."

Customers can return the product in the respective market and get the purchase price reimbursed, even without presenting the receipt.

Impurities and foreign bodies

Unfortunately, in food production there are always contaminations or foreign bodies such as aluminum or plastic residues.

Foreign bodies in food can cause many different injuries and symptoms.

Depending on the size, nature and material, they can cause wounds in the mouth and throat when chewing.

Depending on the size, swallowed parts can block the esophagus or the digestive organs.

If smaller parts remain in the body, they can sometimes cause inflammation. Digestion or stomach problems and internal injuries cannot be ruled out either.

It can become especially dangerous if the objects are glass.

It is therefore always advisable not to consume such products when suspected of foreign bodies. (Ad)

Author and source information

This text corresponds to the specifications of the medical literature, medical guidelines and current studies and has been checked by medical doctors.


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