Despite the corona pandemic: two clinics register short-time work

Despite the corona pandemic: two clinics register short-time work

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Violent criticism: private hospital group applies for short-time work

The private clinic group Asklepios registers short-time work for two clinics in Goslar and Seesen. The reason for this is the cancellation of predictable operations due to the coronavirus pandemic and the keeping of beds for COVID-19 patients. The professional association for doctors Marburger Bund criticized the behavior of the group sharply.

The Marburger Bund Niedersachsen criticized the registration for short-time work in the Asklepios resin clinics Goslar and Seesen. The group wants to send all employees to short-time work in Seesen and only medical and therapeutic staff in Goslar. The Marburger Bund describes the behavior as "irresponsible".

Hospitals in Germany are used very differently

Due to the postponement of operations that can be planned while at the same time keeping bed spaces free for those affected by COVID-19, some hospitals are not operating as the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus is still very unevenly distributed in Germany. While some clinics, such as the municipal clinic "Ernst von Bergmann" and the "St. Josef Hospital ”in Potsdam have already reached their capacity limit, the Harz clinics are planning to send their employees on short-time work.

Marburger Bund expresses harsh criticism

"This mandatory break leaves gaps in care," emphasizes Andreas Hammerschmidt, 2nd Chairman of the Marburg Federation of Lower Saxony. The available human resources are urgently needed. One had to be prepared for a possible worsening of the situation. This also applies to the Harz, Hammerschmidt emphasizes.

"Even though normal operation is not taking place in some areas, for example because planned operations have been canceled, there is still plenty to do," continues Hammerschmidt. Aside from COVID-19, it should not be forgotten that there are numerous other emergencies such as heart attacks, strokes and fractures. In addition, one cannot know how the situation will develop in the coming weeks.

"Pointless, contemptuous and demoralizing!"

Lower Saxony is still relatively good, but Hammerschmidt warns that this can change within a very short time. The clinics should now be prepared to keep all possible capacities open. "The procedure makes absolutely no sense, is disparaging and demoralizing," said Hammerschmidt's sharp criticism.

Loss of income should be compensated

Hammerschmidt points out that the federal government will compensate for the failures caused by the postponement of the operations that can be planned. The Federal Ministry of Health also considers short-time work benefits to be necessary to ensure the hospital's liquidity.

Is the company taking advantage of the pandemic for enrichment?

"The Covid-19 Hospital Relief Act was just created to compensate for lost earnings and to prevent measures such as short-time work, so that all possible capacities to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic are kept open," explains Hammerschmidt. This gives the impression that Asklepios wants to take the funds from the social security package on the one hand and at the same time reduce its personnel expenses for Goslar and Seesen at the expense of the employees and the state. If the pandemic in the Harz region escalates, this step will also have an impact on the population, Hammerschmidt said.

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