Time change: So the rhythm doesn't get mixed up

Time change: So the rhythm doesn't get mixed up

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How to master the time change well

The time has come again: On Sunday, March 29, 2020, the clocks will be set from two in the morning to three in the morning and the daylight saving time will thus begin. Hans-Günter Weess, head of the sleep center at the Pfalzklinikum, gives tips so that our sleep rhythm doesn't get mixed up.

At the weekend it is time change again, we lose an hour on Sunday night. However, a clear sleep-day rhythm is important, especially in times when there is a lot of homework. How do you do this?

Who turns the clock and who turns the wheel?

The radio clocks do it automatically, we have to introduce all other clocks this weekend - in the night to Sunday (March 29th) from 2 a.m. to 3 a.m. Switching to summer time is a challenge for many people.

"It is difficult for us to go to bed and fall asleep earlier," explains sleep expert Weess. "The internal clock is sluggish and does not adapt to social time so quickly," says the sleep researcher. It would therefore be ideal to go to bed a little earlier on the days before.

Shut down a little before falling asleep

In order to make it easier to fall asleep, Weess recommends slowly shutting down the surroundings about an hour beforehand - that is, to dim the light in the apartment and to stop consuming media.

Move away from the corona crisis

"Especially in corona times, we shouldn't read any horror news before sleep that upsets us," says Weess. It is better to deal with beautiful things: “Everything is suitable that gives us security and security. Because these feelings help us to find inner peace ”. Rituals are also good: relaxation exercises, an audio book, a fantasy trip, reading a book - but better not an exciting thriller.

A steady rhythm of sleep is important

Weess recommends that people who currently work a lot in their home office should not work in the bedroom during the day: "Otherwise we think of unfinished business before going to sleep." .

Tension is the enemy of sleep

"Of course, we can get up a little later if possible." That is particularly fine for young people who otherwise often get too little sleep. "But do not sleep until late in the morning, otherwise we will not build up enough sleep pressure during the day." Under no circumstances should you put yourself under pressure: "Tension is the enemy of sleep". (vb; source: dpa / tmn)

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