Smartphone, alcohol, sweets: what is avoided during Lent

Smartphone, alcohol, sweets: what is avoided during Lent

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Lent: Most of them find it useful from a health perspective

Lent, which begins on Ash Wednesday, is a good reason to pay special attention to your body. Not only religious people use the weeks between Carnival and Easter for weight loss and to slow down. A survey showed what people in Germany are most likely to do without.

For many Germans, abstaining from alcohol and sweets is part of Lent. According to a recent survey, many Germans also want to reduce the use of smartphones and computers during this time. But “online fasting” is by no means as important to most people as other restrictions.

The number of fasting fans has increased

A current and representative Forsa survey commissioned by the health insurance company DAK-Gesundheit shows that 65 percent of Germans consider deliberate renunciation during Lent to be sensible from a health point of view. In 2012, only half of this opinion

According to a message, the number of fasting fans has increased not only among women, but also among men: Today, six out of ten men have already fasted - a quarter more than eight years ago.

According to the information, men want to avoid alcohol in the 2020 fasting season, women want to avoid sweets. Internet fasting or “online fasting” remains a trend for both genders.

Men pay more attention to their health

As the health insurance company writes, the majority of men have already fasted themselves: 61 percent of them have consciously given up for several weeks. Eight years ago, it was only 49 percent.

The proportion of men who say they have never fasted and it is out of the question has dropped from 38 percent to 27 percent.

“We have been seeing for some years that men are paying more attention to their health than before. This growing awareness of health is also reflected in their willingness to fast, ”says Franziska Kath, psychologist at DAK-Gesundheit.

"This is a very positive trend. During Lent, men and women sharpen their perception of their consumer behavior. Many then also use luxury foods more consciously afterwards. ”

Less stress by not using a smartphone

In 2020, men are most likely to avoid alcohol (66 percent) and sweets (62 percent), but also meat (43 percent). Women focus primarily on sweets when fasting: Almost three quarters (72 percent) state this as their fasting topic, followed by alcohol (65 percent) and meat (51 percent). Smoking is number four on the fasting hit list for both genders, and television renunciation is number 6.

A good quarter of all respondents (29 percent) would also do without the internet privately for several weeks. According to the information, the willingness for Internet and cell phone fasting in 2020 is comparable to that of the previous year.

People hope less stress (75 percent) and more personal encounters with friends or relatives (66 percent) by not using the internet in the private sector.

Also the need to concentrate on important tasks (65 percent), or the desire to switch off and sleep more (51 percent) are behind the intention of internet fasting.

A study by the private business school International School of Management (ISM) also shows that giving up a smartphone has a positive effect on mental recovery. According to the experts, the need for the smartphone decreases during regular breaks, switching off from work works better and it is easier for us to regenerate. (ad)

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