Skin cancer: A visit to the solarium drastically increases the risk of illness

Skin cancer: A visit to the solarium drastically increases the risk of illness

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A single visit to the solarium increases the personal risk of skin cancer enormously

The German Cancer Aid recently called for a ban on solariums because artificial UV radiation is a cancer risk factor. And one that should not be underestimated: a single visit to the solarium drastically increases the risk of skin cancer.

According to experts, the number of new skin cancer cases has increased enormously in recent years. This is also a result of the widespread desire for a tan at all costs. Because the most important risk factors for this type of cancer include intensive UV radiation from the sun or in the solarium. Therefore, the abolition of the "tanning salons" was recently demanded.

Thousands of illnesses from tanning bed use

The German Cancer Aid, together with the Dermatological Prevention Working Group (ADP), has called for a nationwide ban on solariums. Because the use of these devices causes dangerous black skin cancer in about 3,400 people across Europe every year, according to a statement. According to experts, this leads to death in around 800 cases.

Dr. Carsten Weishaupt, head of the skin tumor center at the University Hospital of Münster (UKM), absolutely supports this request.

In a recent announcement, the doctor points out that there are studies that clearly show that a single session under the sunbed can dramatically increase your personal risk of skin cancer.

Have your skin examined regularly

“In my opinion, it is very important that, firstly, the users of sunbeds are informed about the risks beforehand - especially about the risk of skin cancer. And people who have used sunbeds should also have their skin examined regularly in order to easily detect skin cancer at an early stage, ”said the doctor.

“Moderate use (of solariums) is still not recommended. With every radiation, high-energy light comes onto the skin and thus the risk of cancer is increased, ”says Dr. med. Weishaupt.

"An analysis of several studies has shown that radiation alone increases the lifetime risk of skin cancer by 20 percent and then every further radiation by another 2 percent," said the head of the UKM Skin Tumor Center. (ad)

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