Running: motivational tips for beginners

Running: motivational tips for beginners

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This is how the start of running training works

Jogging is one of the most popular endurance sports and is also not associated with running costs or annoying contracts. Exercise in the fresh air is good for your health, but many people fall asleep after initial ambition. An endurance training expert reveals how to maintain the desire to run.

Competitive athletes and professional runners need a training plan - sure. But what about bloody beginners? They definitely need one. Otherwise it is not just motivation that suffers.

"You could go running again!"

Said and done. Hold on for a few more weeks, then the marathon is almost done. Or? Not quite, says Prof. Arne Morsch, running expert at the German University for Prevention and Health Management (DHfPG).

Every move is better than none

He is currently advising beginners to make a training plan before the first session. Which does not mean that some racing is wrong without a plan. “Every movement is better than none at all,” says Morsch.

"When it comes to proper training, and not just going for a walk, it always has to be structured and goal-oriented." Just starting is difficult for beginners - and possibly problematic if they put too much pressure on themselves and their bodies.

Start slowly, slowly increase

The first training goal should not be a marathon: being able to run for half an hour in one go is enough power at the beginning. "Based on this, you set up a training plan with changing running and walking intervals," explains Morsch. These running intervals are getting longer and longer. "In this way, even absolute beginners can learn to walk 30 minutes in a row in eight to ten weeks."

Get professional advice

Such simple plans can be created with a little theoretical help from advice books or the Internet. But professional instructions are always better, according to the expert - even if they only run sporadically. "Then, for example, I go to the running club once a week and otherwise run alone."

Good for body and mind

"The more goal-oriented and structured my training is, the greater the health benefits," says Morsch. And on top of that, the initially short intervals are good for motivation: Because even beginners quickly have small successes. (vb; source: dpa / tmn)

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