Fitness: Better training success thanks to this music

Fitness: Better training success thanks to this music

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Music influences training success

Turn up the music during sports and let off steam - many sports enthusiasts appreciate the supportive effect of music. A recent study now shows that music actually improves training success, especially endurance training. But not all music works the same way. A music form promises the greatest advantage.

An Italian-Croatian research team found that fast music improves the benefits of fitness exercises and reduces the perceived effort. The effects of endurance training were particularly evident. The results were recently presented in the specialist journal "Frontiers in Psychology".

Fast music makes training easier

Many people work out in gyms to get their bodies in shape and do something for their health. Of course, the training should also be effective, because if there are no successful training sessions, the motivation often drops. At this point the right music can help. Because a current study shows for the first time that listening to music at a higher tempo reduces the perceived effort during exercise and increases training success.

This effect was particularly evident in endurance exercises such as jogging or cycling. But there were also improvements in weightlifting. The researchers believe that the right music can help to increase and improve the movement units.

Which music is suitable for training?

Previous studies have already found that exercise music can have an increasing effect on exercise success. For example, music is associated with less fatigue and less perceived discomfort during sports. Researchers assumed that it depends on the preferences of the individual person which music has the greatest effect. But this seems to be only half the truth, because especially the rhythm and the speed of the music seem to have an effect.

Fast beats bring training success

Whether pop, rock or hip-hop - it should be fast beats to boost the training effect. The researchers examined the potential of various musical styles to increase training success among participants. The effect of the music was analyzed on the one hand during treadmill training and on the other hand during intensive strength exercises on the leg press.

The volunteers did the exercises while listening to silence and listening to pop music at different tempos. The researchers recorded various training parameters such as the heart rate and the perceived effort of the participants.

"We found that listening to fast music during exercise led to the highest heart rate and the least perceived effort compared to not listening to music," summarizes Professor Luca P. Ardigò from the study team. "This means that the exercise seemed less strenuous, but was more beneficial in terms of improving physical fitness," said the professor.

The effect was stronger with endurance exercises

These effects were more noticeable among the volunteers who did the endurance exercises compared to those who did the strength exercises. People who listen to fast music during endurance activities therefore benefit most from listening to fast music.

A simple improvement effect

According to the study, these results are an easy way to improve training levels. However, the researchers point out that the number of participants was relatively small and that the effect still has to be confirmed in a larger group. "In the future, we would also like to examine the effects of other musical characteristics such as genre, melody or text on endurance and training," reports Ardigò.

Even if the effect has not yet been confirmed in a large test group, the researchers recommend a self-experiment. So it can't hurt to run particularly fast music at the next training session and see if your performance improves. (vb)

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