Pain after skiing? You should keep that in mind

Pain after skiing? You should keep that in mind

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Wrong skiing technique can cause pain

Skiing is probably the most popular winter sport. The descents are particularly popular. Constant pain after skiing, however, indicates either a wrong technique or existing complaints.

The fun was great on the descent - but then does back pain spoil the apr├Ęs-ski? If this happens more often, you have to check your technique - or do other winter sports.

Healthy back when skiing

Alpine skiing is not unhealthy, but it is a significant strain on the back. If you frequently complain of pain after departure, you should always check your technique again, advises the Healthy Back Campaign (AGR).

What should be considered with the technology?

For example, this means: Is the upper body straight? Are the skis evenly loaded and are the skis as wide as your hips or shoulders? If the back problems persist, the experts also recommend the so-called gentle technique - i.e. a driving style without strong twists and turns of the spine. If it still hurts after the descent, heat plasters, for example, can help to relax the stressed muscles.

Downhill runs should be avoided if there is constant pain

If the pain cannot be scared away or if you have a previous illness, for example on intervertebral discs or joints, a change of discipline may be advisable. Back-friendly sports include cross-country skiing, ice skating or hiking. (vb; source: dpa / tmn).

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