Pollen count: The season starts in January this year

Pollen count: The season starts in January this year

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Hazel and alder: Mild weather ensures the pollen season starts early

Once again, hazel and alder are the heralds of the pollen season. These pollen are already spreading in some regions of Germany, as the "Pollen Flight Hazard Index" of the German Weather Service (DWD) shows.

Experts recently reported that there has been a significant increase in the number of pollen allergies in recent years. Climate change is to blame because the mild weather means that pollen is flying earlier and more aggressively. This year, the pollen season has already started in winter.

No major complaints are yet to be expected

The year has barely started and the pollen season has already started. The mild winter so far has led to the first hazel and alder pollen spreading in some regions as early as January. Allergy sufferers do not yet have to prepare for major complaints.

"Occasionally the first pollen flies, especially in the southwest, but also in the northwest lowlands, so Cologne Bay, Lower Rhine to the Upper Rhine," said Christina Endler, pollen expert of the German Weather Service (DWD), the German Press Agency (dpa) .

Of the main types of allergy, mainly hazel and alder are on the move. However, the pollen count is spreading gradually.
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Unusually mild and warm weather

As the DWD says, the weather in Germany is unusually mild and warm for the season. Only at the coming weekend do the experts expect somewhat cooler day temperatures and frosty nights with four to seven degrees.

This will reduce the pollen count, explained DWD meteorologist Jacqueline Kernn. From the middle of the week, for example, rain is expected north of central Germany, which also reduces the pollen count.

With regard to the past few years, the early start of the pollen season is not unusual, according to Endler. The hazel blossom had also started early in 2018 and 2019. (ad, source: dpa)

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