Meat Alternatives: Are Plant Burgers Healthy?

Meat Alternatives: Are Plant Burgers Healthy?

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Are meatless burgers healthy?

The number of people who reduce their meat consumption is increasing. However, some of them do not want to miss the taste and therefore resort to meat substitutes such as plant-based burgers. But are the meatless products also healthy?

Vegetable burgers have become increasingly popular in recent years. Are these meat alternatives healthier than "real" burgers? A nutritionist from the renowned Mayo Clinic (USA) is concerned with this question.

Involve more plant-based foods in your diet

Katherine Zertasky, a nutritionist registered with the Mayo Clinic, believes it is a good idea to include more plant-based foods in your diet. However, attention should be paid to the ingredients.

In a current article, the expert deals with the topic of meatless burgers. These look like burgers, cook like burgers, and according to some people, they taste similar to burgers. But are they also healthier?

"It really depends on how this vegetable burger is made," says Zeratsky. She says the benefits of plant-based burgers are usually due to fiber and other nutrients. But then comes the subject of fat.

Saturated fats damage health

"Some plant-based burgers have added fat, and often the added fat is saturated fat."

Frequently added fats are coconut or palm oil. As with natural meat burgers, saturated fats can be worrying.

"There is a link between saturated fats and an increase in bad cholesterol, and the concern is that it increases the risk of heart disease."

A high sodium and calorie content can also affect the health benefits of a vegetarian burger. But this does not have to be the case with all products. "Just compare products," says the nutritionist.

The environment is less polluted

According to Zeratsky, eating more plant-based foods like vegetables or whole grains is a good approach. In addition to a higher proportion of fiber, a plant-based diet offers another advantage, also in the form of meat alternatives.

Such products are “an opportunity to give someone who likes meat something that is similar to it but less polluting,” says the expert. (ad)

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