Limit junk food: These three simple rules help

Limit junk food: These three simple rules help

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Live healthier: avoid junk food

The time for Christmas feasting is now over, but for many people the appetite for foods rich in fat, salt and sugar persists. Such foods are unhealthy and make you fat. Three simple rules can help reduce junk food consumption.

Most people realize that the consumption of junk foods such as hamburgers, French fries and sweets is not healthy and also promotes obesity. However, many cannot stay away from it. An expert from the USA explains how the waiver can work.

Change eating habits

Switching from heavily processed junk food products to healthier whole foods is usually a major challenge.

But for health reasons, it is advisable to change these eating habits, according to a recent article by the renowned Mayo Clinic (USA).

We often taste junk food particularly well

Many people find French fries, pizza, potato chips and sweets with salt, fat and sugar particularly tasty. It is also convenient to use junk food in all possible situations.

However, these highly processed foods usually have many calories, but only few nutrients. Although this has been known for a long time, it is usually difficult to do without such dishes.

This is also because we are "creatures of habit". The good news is that habits can be broken.

Have healthier foods within reach

“Changing a habit or behavior is a challenge. So it will likely be helpful to have a plan for this change, ”says nutritionist Kate Zeratsky of the Mayo Clinic.

According to the expert, this is one way of eliminating the temptation.

"Instead of having these foods on your kitchen counter, you might want to put a fruit bowl there."

Another recommendation: Try to gradually reduce the amount of such foods and combine them with a new food. For example, by consuming ice cream with some sliced ​​fruit.

And rule number three: replace the sweet treat or biscuit with a piece of fresh fruit.

"Allow yourself to test and experiment. This gives you the freedom and the opportunity to find out what works without feeling that it's such a difficult task, ”said Zeratsky. (ad)

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