Yogurt significantly reduces the risk of lung cancer

Yogurt significantly reduces the risk of lung cancer

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Why does yogurt protect against lung cancer?

Consuming just one cup of yogurt a day can protect people from developing lung cancer. This illustrates how far-reaching influence diet can have on the defense against diseases.

A recent survey by the Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville found that people who drink one cup of yogurt a day were 19 percent less likely to develop lung cancer than people who did not eat yogurt. The results of the study were published in the English language journal "JAMA Oncology".

High-fiber diet and yoghurt combined even more effectively

Consuming just a small portion of yogurt a day can protect people from lung cancer. In addition, the researchers found that a combination with a high-fiber diet reduces the risk of lung cancer by more than 30 percent.

Don't drink too much milk?

Other studies had previously shown that some living bacteria in yogurt (probiotics) have anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties. The results show that the consumption of dairy products can protect against diseases, even if it is recommended not to consume too much milk daily, since it is believed that saturated fats in full-fat products increase the LDL cholesterol level, which is a marker for heart diseases applies.

Do cheese and yogurt protect against type 2 diabetes?

However, evidence to date suggests that there are a number of nutrients in dairy products, including calcium, potassium, magnesium, vitamins K1 and K2, and probiotics (in yogurt) that can contribute to a healthy diet. Other previous research had shown that eating dairy products, especially cheese and yogurt, was associated with a lower incidence of type 2 diabetes, but these results were inconsistent, the research team said.

Ten cohort studies were evaluated

For the study, the results of ten cohort studies from the USA, Europe and Asia with more than 1.44 million people were analyzed. The researchers examined participants' fiber and yogurt intake and then followed how many of these people developed lung cancer.

Proper nutrition reduces the risk of lung cancer by 33 percent

The results showed that people who ate about a cup of yogurt a day reduced their lung cancer risk by 19 percent. In addition, eating a high-fiber diet reduced the risk of lung cancer by about 15 percent, regardless of yogurt consumption. If participants both had a high-fiber diet and a daily portion of yogurt, the risk of lung cancer was reduced by 33 percent compared to people who did not eat yoghurt and did not eat a high-fiber diet.

Do prebiotics and probiotics protect against lung cancer?

According to the researchers, the identified benefits of a high-fiber diet could be due to prebiotics, the benefits of yogurt seem to be triggered by probiotics. Both prebiotics and probiotics promote digestion, gastrointestinal health and a healthy immune system. Several probiotic strains have been identified which prevent the growth of lung cancer and which also have anti-tumor and anti-inflammatory properties. "Our results indicate a possible protective function of prebiotics and probiotics against lung carcinogenesis," the researchers report. (as)

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