New treatment effectively relieves eczema in a month

New treatment effectively relieves eczema in a month

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Prospect of improved treatment for eczema?

A newly developed injection is able to improve the skin of people with eczema within a month. For example, this could help people with eczema or other skin conditions to better deal with their disease.

The latest study by the internationally renowned University of Oxford found that a special injection improves the skin of people with atopic eczema in one month. The results of the study were published in the English-language journal "Science Translational Medicine".

What is etokimab?

The new drug etokimab was tested for the study in twelve patients with neurodermatitis. Etokimab targets an active ingredient in the immune system called IL-33. IL-33 stimulates inflammation by recruiting immune cells to the location of the damaged skin.

How was the study structured?

In the study, the participants were initially given a placebo, after which they received injections into the skin to stimulate the immune system. Another placebo was injected into the left arm, and researchers inject extracts of house dust mites into which the participants were allergic.

What did etokimab treatment do?

The following week, patients received an intravenous dose of etokimab, which was followed by injections again to challenge the immune system. All twelve participants treated with etokimab showed a reduction in their neurodermatitis after treatment, with their value being reduced by at least half on a scale for the severity of the disease. After 29 days, 83 percent of participants achieved this improvement and there was also a 40 percent reduction in blood eosinophils. It is a type of immune cell that is involved in allergic sensitivity.

What causes eczema?

It was found that the symptoms improved significantly after a single dose. This could help people with eczema to deal better with their skin problems, the researchers emphasize. The causes of eczema are not entirely clear, although a number of factors appear to be important for development, including the particular vulnerability of some people and environmental factors. In neurodermatitis, the skin is not attacked from the outside, but from the inside, and there are red, dry and itchy eczema. So far, the treatment methods available have only been used to alleviate the symptoms, but not to cure them. (as)

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  • Yi-Ling Chen, Danuta Gutowska-Owsiak, Clare S. Hardman, Melanie Westmoreland, Teena MacKenzie et al .: Proof-of-concept clinical trial of etokimab shows a key role for IL-33 in atopic dermatitis pathogenesis, in Science Translational Medicine (Query: 25.10.2019), Science Translational Medicine

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