Early menopause increases the risk of cardiovascular events

Early menopause increases the risk of cardiovascular events

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Health risks from an earlier menopause?

When women prematurely enter menopause, this increases the likelihood of suffering a non-fatal cardiovascular event by around 40 percent compared to women who reach menopause at the normally expected age of 50 to 51 years.

An international research team has proven that women who have previously reached menopause are at increased risk of non-fatal cardiovascular events. The results of the investigation were published in the English language journal "The Lancet Public Health".

Data from more than 300,000 women were evaluated

The current research work bundled the data from more than 300,000 women from 15 observational studies around the world. For example, early menopause has been found to increase the risk of women suffering from a non-fatal cardiac event such as a heart attack, stroke or angina. The association with non-fatal cardiovascular events has so far been unclear. Smoking, obesity, obesity and a lower level of education can also strengthen the link between early menopause and the risk of cardiovascular diseases in women, the researchers explain.

The earlier menopause, the higher the risk

Early menopause increases cardiovascular risk, and the earlier menopause, the greater the risk. A woman who goes into menopause at the age of 40 is at higher risk than a person who goes into menopause at 48, which is still early and an increased risk. This risk is not affected by exogenous hormone therapy, and the researchers point out that menopause is definitely a good time to check cardiovascular health.

Smoking women were particularly at risk

Another aspect of the research was the relationship between early menopause and the increased risk of cardiovascular disease for smokers. It was found that the risk was higher in women who smoked if they had an early menopause. The study results underscore the need to take preventive measures for menopausal women, a time when the cardiovascular risk profile is beginning to change, including changes in blood pressure and lipid profile.

Cardiovascular diseases - women should know the risk

Increasing the risk of cardiovascular disease in women under the age of 60 who experience premature menopause is worrying and shows that awareness of the risk of cardiovascular disease in younger women should be increased Conclusion of the researchers. Cardiovascular diseases are often seen primarily as a symptom in men, but women are also at risk. (as)

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