This is how blood pressure and cholesterol levels determine our life expectancy

This is how blood pressure and cholesterol levels determine our life expectancy

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Reduce cardiovascular diseases through moderate blood pressure and cholesterol levels

Cardiovascular diseases have long since become common ailments. Such diseases can significantly reduce the quality and expectation of life. But the risk of heart and vascular diseases can be dramatically reduced if blood pressure and cholesterol levels are kept moderate for life. This is the result of a new study in which Prof. Dr. Ulrich Laufs, director of the clinic and polyclinic for cardiology at Leipzig University Hospital was involved.

"Cardiovascular diseases are the most common cause of death in women and men," the Leipzig cardiologist explains in a message. "It is devastating. Because heart attacks and strokes can largely be avoided by persistently low blood pressure and LDL cholesterol levels, ”says the doctor. This was underlined by a study by Brian Ference from the University of Cambridge, in which Prof. Laufs was involved. The work "shows that a small but permanent reduction in systolic blood pressure and LDL cholesterol lowers the cardiovascular risk of disease in a highly significant way."

Hypertension is the most common cardiovascular disease

According to the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, four out of ten deaths in Germany are due to cardiovascular diseases. This is similar in other industrialized nations. “Even if the spectrum of cardiovascular diseases is broad, it is a few diseases that make up the largest part of it. Hypertension is by far the most common cardiovascular disease, ”reports the ministry in a dossier. About 20 percent of all adults are affected by hypertension. The quota is significantly higher in old age.

The number two among cardiovascular diseases is therefore coronary heart disease, one of several forms of “arterial calcification” or atherosclerosis. More than three million people in Germany are affected. And about two million Germans suffer from chronic heart failure or heart failure, a disease in which the pumping power of the heart continues to deteriorate.

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Values ​​have to be low for life

Cardiovascular diseases are one of the most common causes of death in Great Britain. For the study, researchers led by Brian Ference from Cambridge University evaluated data from over 400,000 British people who were collected in a biobank. The participants were on average 65.2 years old; 54 percent were women.

Remarkable result of the study: If the LDL cholesterol level is reduced by 39 mg / dl (1 mmol / l) for life and at the same time the systolic blood pressure is reduced by 10 mmHg, there is an 80 percent lower risk of cardiovascular diseases and a 68 percent lower one Risk of cardiovascular death. If the cholesterol is permanently decreased by 15 mg / dl and the blood pressure by 5 mmHg, the risk of illness is halved.

"The crux of the matter is that the values ​​have to be low for life," says Prof. Ulrich Laufs. “However, the patients who come to us are usually already in the fifth or sixth decade of life or even older. Then blood pressure and cholesterol had already had an effect on the inner walls of the vessels for half a century. It is therefore important to measure in good time and, above all, to take measures to control blood pressure and cholesterol in good time. In the first place, this includes physical activity and non-smoking, sometimes medication. ”

Perhaps these values ​​could already be observed in childhood and adolescence in the so-called U examinations. According to Prof. Laufs, the current Cambridge study is apt to fuel such a discussion. (ad)

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