Deadly Listeriosis from Pork: One Death and 150 Sick People

Deadly Listeriosis from Pork: One Death and 150 Sick People

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Health warning for listeriosis: pathogens spread through pork

In Andalusia, Spain, 150 people have listeriosis. A woman has died from Listeria infection. The dangerous pathogen was probably transmitted by pork products. An international health warning was issued because tourists could also be affected.

In Andalusia in southern Spain there is currently a food-borne outbreak, probably caused by pork products contaminated with bacteria (Listeria monocytogenes), reports the Federal Office for Consumer Protection and Food Safety on its portal "". The outbreak has also resulted in a death.

Refrain from eating affected products

According to media reports, 150 listeriosis diseases have occurred in southern Spain in recent weeks. Another 500 suspected cases are still being investigated. As "" reports, a 90-year-old woman died in Seville from the consequences of a Listeria infection.

Health Minister María Luisa Carcedo said international health warnings had been sent to the European Union and the World Health Organization (WHO) because it could also affect tourists. According to the information, most of the cases occurred in the southern region of Andalusia, but there are also suspected cases in other parts of the country, including Madrid.

The diseases were probably triggered by the contaminated meatloaf "Carne mechada" of the brand: La mechá. "All products manufactured since May are considered affected because the expiry date is three months," says a message. The distribution of the product is limited to Spain. Citizens are encouraged not to consume products of this brand.

Very serious illnesses possible

Listeriosis usually manifests itself within 14 days after infection with diarrhea and fever. "The elderly, in particular, have an increased risk of developing listeriosis, people with reduced immune defenses (mostly caused by a serious underlying disease such as tumors or through long-term use of immunosuppressive drugs), as well as pregnant women and newborns," explains the Federal Institute for risk assessment (BfR) on his website.

These groups of people in particular can develop more severe illnesses with blood poisoning and meningitis. In pregnant women, the unborn child can be harmed, even without symptoms. People who have eaten the affected food and develop severe or persistent symptoms should seek medical help and report a possible Listeria infection. (ad)

Author and source information

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