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The most diverse means exist on the market to care for hair optimally. However, many of the industrially manufactured hair care products contain ingredients that are not exactly "healthy". These additives damage the hair over time, rather than being nourishing. This means synthetic polymers (in the form of silicones) as well as alcohols and sulfates, which can dry out the hair unhealthily. Various home remedies offer a gentle alternative here. In the following lines you will learn how you can care for your hair at home using simple methods.

Shine for dull hair

Shiny hair is a widespread ideal of beauty and at the same time an expression of good hair vitality. To provide first aid for brittle and dull hair, you can, for example, stir an egg yolk and then apply it to the washed hair. This hair treatment should be washed out after about 30 minutes of exposure. With the following home remedies, it is also relatively easy to achieve healthy, shiny hair.

Vinegar shines

A rinse with vinegar, applied after washing the hair, makes the hair shine. Half a liter of warm water is mixed with 100 milliliters of apple cider vinegar and the whole thing is then used as a rinse. Incidentally, this is also a home remedy for oily hair. Vinegar has a positive effect on the natural pH of the scalp and frees the hair of hair care residues. But be careful with sensitive scalp - unfortunately vinegar is not suitable here.

Green tea shines

Green tea is now known as a comprehensive home remedy for many ailments. At this point, however, it is not used internally, but as a rinse. Pour half a liter of boiling water over three teabags or three teaspoons of loose tea. The tea should brew for a quarter of an hour. Then it is strained and when it has cooled down a bit, used as a rinse and no longer washed out. Green tea acts as a protection, gives shine and even compensates for slight structural damage to the hair.

Lime blossom tea shines

To bring freshness and shine to your hair, a rinse with linden blossom tea is the right thing. For this, a tea is made from two to three tea bags and half a liter of boiling water. After a quarter of an hour, the tea can be strained and then used as a rinse when it is only lukewarm. Linden flowers have an anti-dandruff effect on the scalp and give brittle hair more moisture.

Lemon juice shines

The juice of half a lemon is mixed with a liter of water. After washing the hair, the hair is rinsed with it, which gives it a beautiful shine. However, the home remedy should not be used as often as lemon juice can unfortunately also attack the hair.

Healthy shine thanks to almond and argan oil

Almond oil or, alternatively, argan oil, which is gently massaged in from the tips of the hair to the roots, also has a hair-conditioning effect. For short hair, one tablespoon is enough, for very long hair you need up to three tablespoons. The oil can remain in the hair for up to an hour and is then rinsed out with a mild shampoo or only with conditioner.

Rinse with beer

If the hair is rinsed with beer, this not only helps to shine, but the hair is also supplied with nutrients and important proteins. Beer and water are mixed in a ratio of 1 to 1 and then used as a conditioner, the conditioner can remain in the hair. The slightly yeasty beer smell evaporates later in dry hair. Such a rinse is particularly economical if you can use half-full beer bottles left over from the evening before - the rinse works just as well with stale beer.

Hair mask with lard

Hair becomes very silky after a treatment with lard, which is best left in the hair overnight. To do this, take pork fat in portions (about a teaspoon) in your hands and rub it like sunscreen. Then the fat is gently massaged into the tips and lengths of the hair. After several hours of exposure, you can wash the lard thoroughly with conditioner, and if necessary also with a shampoo. The triglycerides in lard are very similar to human sebum and care for the hair perfectly, right down to the tips.

Hair mask with yeast

Even our grandmothers took care of their mane with yeast. This contains a particularly large number of vitamins, minerals and amino acids. For the hair treatment, a piece of fresh yeast or two packs of dry yeast are stirred into a small glass of lukewarm water or milk. Let this mixture stand for 30 minutes and then massage into scalp and hair. After an hour of action, this cure is then rinsed out with a mild shampoo.

Volume and shine

A tablespoon of olive oil, a teaspoon of lemon juice, an egg yolk and a shot glass full of beer are mixed together. This mixture is then massaged into damp, washed hair as a hair treatment and washed out after a quarter of an hour with plenty of lukewarm water.

Color reflexes for blonde hair - chamomile

Chamomile is known to have a calming effect on the skin and muscles. It also has an anti-inflammatory and bacterial effect. Did you also know that chamomile has a gentle bleaching effect? Roman chamomile brightens more than real chamomile. For a rinse, boil a chamomile tea, on which three tea bags or teaspoons of the flowers are placed per half liter of water. The hair moistened with it is no longer rinsed through, but is thus dried.

Protection for colored or tinted hair

To protect tinted or dyed hair, avocado is recommended as a home remedy. Their pulp is thoroughly crushed and mixed with about 100 milliliters of cream. This hair mask is applied after washing and washed out again after 20 minutes of exposure. In addition to the numerous vitamins and minerals it contains, the fat of the avocado has an extremely nourishing effect.

Nettle tea and nettle essence

The nettle strengthens the scalp and also ensures shiny hair. A strong nettle tea is massaged into damp hair and especially the scalp. The conditioner then remains in the hair. Another variant is an essence or a homemade hair tonic made from nettles:

Recipe for nettle hair tonic
  • Chop 100g fresh nettles (leaves only)
  • Add 100ml of apple cider vinegar to the nettles
  • Now put in a saucepan with half a liter of water
  • Simmer at low temperature for 40 minutes
  • Massage this hair tonic into the scalp 3 times a week

Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil counteracts oily hair and dandruff and soothes the irritated scalp. However, the essential oil should never be used neat, the hopf skin could be too irritated. For example, you can add the tea tree oil to the shampoo drop by drop. Another possibility is the following recipe: 350 milliliters of water, three drops of tea tree oil and two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar are mixed together and the whole is massaged into the hair and scalp. The conditioner can then remain in the hair.

Care for broken hair

Split, brittle hair requires special care. Daily washing should be avoided. Blow dryers, curling irons or flat irons are best avoided. Natural bristles are recommended for combing. The hair should be treated with a hair treatment once a week. A very simple cure, made from foods that almost everyone has in-house, is as follows: A creamy mass is made from an egg yolk, a teaspoon of honey and a teaspoon of olive oil. This is brought into the hair after washing. Wrapping a warmed towel around your head increases the effect. The exposure time of this mask is one hour. Then the cure should be rinsed out with plenty of water.

A good home remedy for brittle tips is olive oil. A few drops of it are massaged into the tips after washing. The oil can stay in the hair. Hair masks with coconut oil are also quite helpful to make hair healthy again. Argan or avocado oil are also suitable.

Care for dandruff

There are several causes of an itchy scalp. Itching is often associated with dandruff. Fortunately, there are easy-to-use home remedies for dandruff that work on both dry and oily dandruff. Thyme tea, cooled slightly and massaged into the scalp, prevents dandruff, for example. The above-mentioned nettle essence can also be helpful for dandruff formation and can be used after every hair wash. Mix powdered fenugreek seeds with water (teaspoons), let them swell for several hours with a slightly liquid consistency (you can also let the seeds swell whole) to mortar them the next day. Now massage this paste into the scalp and let it work for an hour, then rinse.

Nasturtium is anti-inflammatory and can counteract the development of dandruff. A handful of these are brought to a boil with half a liter of water and should then simmer gently for about 15 minutes. The herbs are then removed and the washed hair is rinsed with the remaining cress water.

Care for oily hair

Healing earth is a home remedy that belongs in every household, because it is so versatile, so also for the care of oily hair. A mixture of healing earth and lukewarm water is mixed, then spread over the scalp and washed out again after twenty minutes. Healing earth can remove the fat from the hair. This cure can be used once a week. If you don't have any healing earth at hand, some other home remedies for oily hair will also help.

Care for dry hair

A mask with oil is the treatment of choice for dry hair. Warmed sesame or olive oil is applied to freshly washed, towel-dried hair. Put a warmed towel on top and the oil stays there for at least an hour, possibly even overnight. Then a gentle shampoo is massaged into the hair and then rinsed out with water.

Tips for a healthy scalp

Finished products do not have to be used to care for the scalp. With some home remedies - used correctly and regularly - the scalp can be well cared for. The chamomile rinse mentioned above is also suitable as a tincture for the scalp if it is already stressed by itching and reddening of the skin. The chamomile tea can be concentrated even more, two bags on a small cup are sufficient.

Hair mask with inflamed scalp

For example, if you already suffer from painful and inflamed scalp due to neurodermatitis, a healing hair treatment with quince seeds could help. Take three teaspoons of the seeds and gently crush or crush them. Simmer together with half a liter of water at the lowest possible heat until the liquid becomes gelatin-like.

So that the hair grows faster

Some home remedies can even stimulate hair growth. In addition, of course, healthy eating should be considered. Vitamins and minerals such as vitamins A and B as well as zinc and silica or silicic acid are particularly important for hair and nails (silicates). Taking a silica gel from the inside helps. This not only has a positive effect on hair growth, but also on hair thickness. Tea from field horsetail is a natural supplier of silica, which not only strengthens the hair but also your connective tissue, skin and tendons.

You should also make sure that you are not biotin deficient. A natural food for these important vitamins and minerals is brewer's yeast, which you can simply take in capsule form every day. Iron is also important and prevents premature hair loss.

A relaxing head massage, carried out regularly, stimulates blood circulation and thus hair growth. This can be carried out powerfully with every wash. A short showering of the head with cold water additionally supports the whole thing. Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) also boosts hair growth and reduces hair loss.

General care tips

When buying hair care products, the ingredients should be carefully examined. Look out for aggressive sulfates, silicones, parabens, PEGs (polyethylene glycols), alcohols and fragrances. Although this takes time when shopping, it pays off. The substances mentioned are not exactly health-promoting and do not care for the hair.

Tinting, coloring and permanent wave treatments damage the hair. The hair should also preferably be air-dried and not blow-dried. Curling irons and straighteners are also not recommended for everyday use. To protect the hair, it should never be washed with too hot, but always with lukewarm water. After that, the hair is not rubbed, but only gently dabbed off. If you like to wear a braid, you should pay attention to wide, soft hair ties that do not contain a metal connection to prevent the hair from breaking off.

Right nutrition

External care alone does not help to get healthy and beautiful hair. Here you should definitely pay attention to a healthy and balanced diet. This includes fresh fruit, seasonal vegetables, little meat and sausage and plenty of liquid, in the form of mineral water. Your hair can only shine with sufficient healthy fats such as nuts or vegetable oils in the menu, long low-fat diets damage the hair quality. (sw, dp)
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