Caution: Lavender oil can lead to abnormal breast growth in girls

Caution: Lavender oil can lead to abnormal breast growth in girls

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Young girls should avoid contact with lavender oil

Exposure to lavender can trigger abnormal breast growth in young girls. Parents should make sure that their children do not come into contact with lavender and tea tree oils.

The recent study by the Campbell University School of Osteopathic Medicine found that lavender oil can cause abnormal breast growth in young girls. The results of the study were published in the journal Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism.

Lavender also triggers abnormal breast growth in boys

Earlier research has linked abnormal breast growth in boys to lavender-containing fragrances. The current study is the first study that found this in young girls as well.

Components of essential oils mimic estrogen

The researchers also found that breast growth in young girls and boys started after stopping lavender-containing fragrance products. Certain components of the essential oils mimic estrogen and block testosterone. The research group suggests that essential oils could be a source of the breast growth observed in these cases. The public should be informed of these results and the risks should be weighed before using essential oils, the researchers add.

Parents should keep their children away from lavender and tea tree oils

It is important that medical personnel also know that lavender and tea tree oils contain endocrine disruptors and take this into account when assessing premature breast development in young girls and boys or when breast tissue swells in adult men. Since it appears that essential oils can lead to premature breast growth in young girls and boys, these products should not be used in children. As a parent, you should be careful not to use lavender and tea tree oils in your household if you have young children. This can prevent possible negative effects on children's health. (as)

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