A healthy lifestyle of fathers affects their child's health

A healthy lifestyle of fathers affects their child's health

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Expectant fathers should exercise enough and eat healthy

Surely most people know the saying: Like the father, like the son. At least when it comes to the health of our children, the statement could be correct. Researchers have now found that when fathers pay attention to and practice a healthy lifestyle, it has a significant impact on children's health.

A recent survey by Ohio State University's Wexner Medical Center found that fathers' healthy lifestyles have a positive impact on the health of their children.

Our diet has a huge impact on health

Diet has an important impact on our general health and the development of possible diseases. Most parents know that a pregnant woman's eating and exercise habits affect the health of her baby. However, it is often not known how and whether a father's healthy lifestyle is passed on to his children. The current investigation has now dealt with this topic.

Benefits for children from a healthy father

In their study, researchers from the Ohio State University's Wexner Medical Center found that fathers who care about living healthy have a positive impact on their children's health. The results of the study also showed that men who followed regular exercise and moderate physical activity a month before conception gave their children a metabolic benefit and further reduced their risk of diabetes and obesity. "These advantages include lower body weight, increased insulin sensitivity and reduced fat mass," explains study author Dr. Kristin Stanford of Stanford Wexner Medical Center at Ohio State University in a press release.

Negative effects could be reversed

In their study, the researchers examined groups of male mice that were both normal and high in fat. They found that those who moved freely had offspring with better metabolic health. The sedentary male mice, which ate a high-fat diet, showed signs of poor metabolic health and a higher glucose intolerance, the researchers report. However, activity and movement could reverse this effect.

“We did full small RNA sequencing and found that several classes of small RNA changed in response to the strain. In this way, the consequences of the father's poor diet could be eliminated, ”explains Dr. Stanford continues. In addition, a healthy lifestyle for men can also lower the risk of cancer. Knowing your own body, maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle with enough exercise and paying attention to a healthy diet are considered the best ways to prevent all types of cancer.

More research is needed

Future research will now examine why and how these genetic changes occur and how this information can be used to prevent diseases such as diabetes and obesity. Nevertheless, it is clear that staying active is an easy step that fathers-to-be should take for the health of their future children. (as)

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