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Saliromania (Salirophilia) - The desire for dirt

Saliromania or better salirophilia is derived from the French word for "to defile". Salirophiler refers to a person who feels sexual arousal when other people, themselves or objects are soiled. The substances with which such people smear include mud, food, sperm, blood, urine or feces.


This form of salirophilia is a preference for excrement, urine or feces, which are referred to in the jargon as pee or caviar. Urophils become sexually aroused when they urinate, urinate, or watch others urinate. Coprophiles smear themselves with feces, can be smeared with feces or soiled objects used in sexual practices can be stooled. Drinking urine for sexual arousal (uropotia) and eating feces (coprophagia) also belong to excrementophilia.

Medically, it is a rare paraphilia, a sexual disorder that often overlaps with other paraphilias, such as sexual fetishism. Since the boundaries between a sexual disorder and the broad spectrum of sexual variants are blurred, doctors are now very careful to automatically diagnose a disorder in such practices.

Sadism and masochism

Marquis de Sade, from whom the term sadism is derived (although he was not a sadist), described in detail in “The 120 Days of Sodom” eating feces and releasing feces for sexual arousal.

Forcing other people to eat feces is a form of humiliation and is common in torture in prisons or in the military. Among prisoners and soldiers, this (like other forms of humiliation) serves to mark hierarchies.

In the SM scene, however, such actions take place by mutual consent. Psychologically, it is a form of fetishism in which feces represent part of the partner.

Sadomasochistic practices related to urine or feces are not about sexual arousal from the substances, but about

  • Humiliation, inferiority and helplessness in connection with excrement,
  • Punishment,
  • to reduce the partner to the object (to the toilet),
  • Reward by giving the losing person a gift from the controlling partner's body.

Forms of coprophilia

For example, coprophils feel aroused when they watch others doing bowel movements (coprophilic voyeurism), when they see, touch or smear feces. One variant is to suppress bowel movements and ultimately enjoy losing control, either alone or with partners.

Risks of coprophilic practices

There is a particular risk with coprophagia. Excrement contains high concentrations of bacteria and fungi. People who have a weak immune system anyway can easily become infected with diseases.

Risks of urophilic practices

Fresh urine from healthy people poses little risk to health. The bacteria contained in such urine usually do not cause illness. However, there is a danger if urine is stored and has been exposed to the air. This is very quickly and massively colonized by germs. Those who drink the urine of sick people are at high risk of getting sick themselves.

The risk of becoming infected with HIV is only present if blood also plays a role in sexual activity. Although the virus is also in the blood, saliva, tears and sweat, the amount is so small that it is not enough to infect it.

The situation is different with infection with hepatitis A. Here there is a particular risk of being infected by the urine of a stranger. If you have a bladder infection, drinking urine is likely to make you sick.

In short, you shouldn't consume the urine of a sick person or someone who takes medication regularly. If in doubt, speak to your family doctor or a urologist.

How common is saliromania?

This tendency is considered rare in medicine. However, precise numbers and estimates are scarcely missing, since sex in connection with substances that are generally perceived as “disgusting” is hardly discussed openly before.

Pornography with urination or excrement games has a special market, and there are hardly any valid numbers about how many people consume such films.

Coprophilia and other sexual practices

Excrementophilia can go hand in hand with other sexual practices, and some people, for example, may enjoy it when the partner watches them litter, but do not want to experience the opposite.


Progressive diagnoses of sexual disorders focus on the suffering of those affected (and a danger to other people), but not on whether practices that are based on mutual consent are considered objectionable in society. Excrementophilia can be associated with suffering for those affected. Many do not want to be aroused by such things because they reject this from the mind, but cannot suppress their arousal and suffer more from it.

Possible causes of coprophilia

An explanation for the sexual fixation on feces is a compulsory education to "clean" the infant by the most important caregivers, especially the mothers. The child not only rejects this prohibition, but the prohibited is anchored in the unconscious as a fascination. Children are particularly affected, for whom not only droppings were taboo, but also all other forms of “dirt” such as mud, and who were punished for being “dirty” with their droppings as an infant and later when playing in puddles " have made.

For example, the cultural theorist, writer and doctor of philosophy, Klaus Theweleit, recognized in the male fantasies of fascist men who were severely punished in their childhood when they were concerned with their bodies, a negatively masked obsession with everything related to slime, porridge and Droppings had to do.

When is salirophilia considered pathological?

The bourgeoisie in Sigmund Freud's time considered all forms of sexuality that did not correspond to marital sex as "abnormal", "sick" or "perverse". This prudishness and double standards (the commoners were the main customers in the brothels) did not differentiate between the "healthy" spectrum of sexual diversity (i.e. living out one's own sexuality, which is right and important for the development of each person) and sexual characteristics are associated with severe suffering for those affected and / or their living out is a threat to other people.

Sexual preferences and acts such as homosexuality, masturbation or the change of sexual partners, which a humane society must of course accept, have been equated with practices such as rape or pederasty, which cause serious and lifelong harm to other people.

Today's sex medicine sees salirophilia as a sexual disorder, but not necessarily as pathological. It is only considered to be pathological and therefore a case for therapy if the fetish (here smearing with substances) completely suppresses sexual partner relationships, takes on the character of an addiction, those affected find no satisfaction without the fetish and, above all, if salirophilia suffers from suffering triggers.

Fault or variant?

A sexual variant means: "Unusual" sexual behavior, with which all those involved firstly agree and secondly, this consent came to a psychological level. In addition, those affected should be able to experience sexual arousal even without the appropriate stimulus and not show any addictive behavior. In such cases, it is not a malfunction.

In this sense, light forms of salirophilia are widespread: They range from “dirty talk”, in which those affected are aroused by “dirty words”, to teenagers' desire to experiment or to get naked “like animals” outside to enjoy in the mud. It is often simply a matter of trying out sexually.

Such light forms of salirophilia are also common in societies where sexuality is generally considered “dirty”, for example in strictly Catholic ones. Suppression of sexuality also promotes serious sexual disorders and sexual abuse practices, as demonstrated by the sexual crimes committed by Catholic priests on children. In such sexually hostile and bigoted societies, there is often a desire for rebellion, lust for the forbidden, limited violation of the rules or breaking taboos - lived out in promiscuity, sexual role play or outward fetishism. Here the saliromania can be part of the rebellion. In short: teenagers who are suggested that their awakening sexuality is something “dirty” want to try what it is like to be a “dirty bitch”. This can also include rubbing in tomato sauce, baby porridge or slush. What the Puritan authorities now denounce as "sick" or "possessed by the devil" does not even begin to have anything to do with a disorder in the sense of sexual medicine. (Dr. Utz Anhalt)

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