Stiftung Warentest: Even cheaper deodorants effectively protect against the smell of sweat - without harmful substances

Stiftung Warentest: Even cheaper deodorants effectively protect against the smell of sweat - without harmful substances

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Against armpit smell and sweat: which deodorant is best?

The deodorant is a daily companion for most people to prevent unpleasant smells. However, not all deodorants provide equal protection against the smell of sweat, and some also contain aluminum salts, which are associated with possible health risks. The Stiftung Warentest comes to this result in a current study of 21 deodorants and antiperspirants. We have summarized for you which products are particularly recommended.

Reliable protection

For many people it is natural to use a deodorant after showering. You don't have to dig deep into your pocket, because a recent study by the Stiftung Warentest shows that some of these products can be had for less than one euro. Over half of the deodorants and antiperspirants tested reliably protect against armpit odor. No aluminum salts are required for this. But if you want less sweat to flow, you can't do without the controversial substances.

Deodorants help against unpleasant smells

Sweating is a natural function to regulate body temperature.

Sweat is actually odorless - including that in the armpits. Body odor only arises when bacteria metabolize the components of sweat.

Deodorants can help against the smell. Antiperspirants can also reduce the sweat flow.

The Stiftung Warentest has now tested a total of 21 deodorants for men and women: rollers, sticks, creams, a deodorant block and a crystal.

Well-known brands such as Nivea, Sebamed and CD were among the tested products, but also discounterware as well as trend products and natural cosmetics.

As the experts write in a statement, 13 of the products provide good protection against unpleasant smells - and that from as little as 55 cents.

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Quality does not have to be expensive

A total of 13 of the products tested are "good", four are "satisfactory" and two failed.

The test winner in deodorants was the "Deo Water Lily 48h" from CD. This is followed by three products from Greendoor ("Deo Creme ohne Aluminum"), Nivea ("Fresh Natural 0% Aluminum Deodorant") and Sebamed ("Balsam Deo Sensitive").

The cheapest among the "good" rated products is a deodorant from Aldi Nord ("Biocura Body Care Pure Basic Deodorant Roll-On").

Test winners in antiperspirants were “Balea Anti-Perspirant Original Dry” and “Cien Natural Minerals with Aloe Vera Antiperspirant”. The products from dm and Lidl are also the cheapest.

The result of the entire investigation appears in the June issue of the magazine "test" and can be activated on the website for a fee.

Armpit odor can also be prevented without aluminum salts

As the message says, the test also shows that no aluminum salts are required to prevent armpit odor.

But if you want less sweat to flow, you can't do without the controversial substances. They block the pores of the sweat glands for a while and thus inhibit the flow of sweat.

The Stiftung Warentest reports that it has so far not discovered any means that convincingly creates this effect without aluminum.

But according to experts, deodorants with aluminum are dangerous. A few years ago, researchers reported that such products can increase the risk of breast cancer.

They are also said to increase the risk of Alzheimer's.

However, the study situation on the possible health impairments is not clear.

Beware of damaged skin

"A causal relationship between the increased aluminum intake by antiperspirants and Alzheimer's disease or breast cancer has not been scientifically proven despite a number of corresponding studies due to the inconsistent data situation," writes the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR).

But according to the experts, people who use an antiperspirant once a day absorb more than the amount of aluminum that is still considered safe.

It is particularly problematic if the skin is damaged. "Above all, aluminum absorption by antiperspirants can be reduced if they are not used immediately after shaving or if the armpit is damaged," says the BfR.

Or: "A deodorant without aluminum salts can also be used." (Ad)

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