Health: This doctor refuses to sit: “Chairs make us seriously ill”

Health: This doctor refuses to sit: “Chairs make us seriously ill”

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Chairs that make you sick: Sitting is responsible for many diseases

Most people in the western world spend many hours sitting every day. This harms health, as numerous studies have shown. Health experts therefore advise avoiding sitting for long periods. A well-known doctor not only recommends this, but also lives it: the doctor largely dispenses with chairs.

Working at the desk

In the western world, most people spend many hours sitting. About every second person works at a desk today. But sitting for long periods makes us sick, as various studies have shown. Health experts therefore recommend getting up and moving again and again. A well-known doctor has chosen another method: he hardly ever sits down. The doctor has largely banished chairs from his life.

Higher death rate

Recently, a study by Northern Irish scientists was published in the Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health, which concluded that long periods of sitting let us die earlier.

This is because it increases the risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes and colorectal cancer.

Earlier studies have shown that sitting constantly significantly reduces our life expectancy.

For example, years ago, American researchers reported in the American Journal of Epidemiology that too much sitting time leads to men having a 20 percent higher death rate. In women, it is even 40 percent higher.

The constant lingering on chairs, armchairs and sofas not only increases the risk of serious illnesses and premature death, but also leads to numerous everyday complaints such as neck pain, plump legs and back pain.

The surgeon Dr. med. Martin Oswald from Augsburg knows how unhealthy sitting is. He has therefore largely removed chairs from his life. In a conversation with "Focus Online", the doctor explains why he does not rely on seating in his practice or at home.

Increased risk of varicose veins

Hardly any chairs can be found in the Augsburg surgeon's waiting room with a focus on phlebology (venous diseases) and proctology (rectal diseases), none in the treatment rooms.

Dr. Oswald even operates standing up. And he also has very little seating at home. He only has to sit when driving. However, he sits on a wooden board so that his body is not completely relieved and thus weakened.

According to the report of the online magazine, the doctor has been assuming that sitting makes you ill and causes varicose veins, for example, for over two decades.

At the time, two observations contributed to this assumption. On the one hand, the doctor found that varicose veins do not occur in some regions of the world, such as in Central Africa, but very often in industrialized countries.

On the other hand, he recognized that varicose veins can affect almost everyone in high-risk countries - whether man or woman, thick or thin.

He concluded that there must be a common risk factor that affects patients with varicose veins. "And that can only be the chair, that is, sitting," the surgeon told Focus Online.

According to his information, he was able to show on several study trips to Ethiopia - where people traditionally do not sit on chairs - that sitting is the common factor for such diseases.

According to the information, he did his research long before other scientists came to conclusions like "Sitting is the new smoking".

Dr. Oswald goes one step further and says: "I am even convinced that sitting is even more harmful than smoking and alcohol."

Sitting for long periods and risk of cancer

Although it is not yet clear how sitting can harm your health, Dr. Oswald is certain that the chair takes away the task of posture, which has a negative effect on muscles, tendons and bones.

According to the expert, sitting not only overloads the lower blood vessels and rectum and leads to hemorrhoids and varicose veins, but also has health effects on abdominal organs, such as the prostate in men and the pelvic floor, bladder and uterus in women.

The article also points out that sitting for long periods increases the risk of some types of cancer, but so far there are hardly any well-founded studies.

Movement cannot reverse posture changes

Dr. Oswald's doing without sitting is obviously good for him. The slim and sporty 67-year-old has no age-related ailments. This probably also has to do with his lifestyle.

"Maybe that's what sets me apart from some other doctors and researchers - I don't just say that sitting harms me, I also live according to it," says the doctor, according to "Focus Online".

However, not all people can live by this principle. A large part of the population sits at their desk for hours every day.

According to the doctor, movement is important as a compensation, but the negative changes in posture triggered by sitting cannot be reversed.

His conclusion: "One who sits little is likely to get little sick, but those who want to stay completely healthy should not sit on the chair at all." (Ad)

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