Training advantage: in the morning or in the evening - when is the best time for sport?

Training advantage: in the morning or in the evening - when is the best time for sport?

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At what time of day can the best training effects be achieved

Sport is known to have a multitude of positive effects on our health. According to the results of a recent study, however, these also seem to depend on the time of day of the training. Those who exercise early in the morning can achieve the best results for their health.

A research team from the School of Medicine at the University of California, Irvine (UCI) has investigated the relationship between training effects and the time of training. The time of day therefore has a significant influence on the effect of the training. The study results were published in the specialist magazine "Cell Metabolism".

Effects of the time of day so far unclear

The team around study leader Paolo Sassone-Corsi used mice to examine the benefits of training at different times of the day. It was known from previous studies that the time of food intake is an important factor influencing the metabolism. However, it remained unclear whether the positive effects of exercise on the metabolism may also be limited to certain times of the day. “Exercise stimulates the metabolism and leads to an improvement in metabolic health. While the metabolic benefits of physical activity have been largely uncovered, the question of when it makes sense to exercise has remained largely unexplored, ”explains study leader Paolo Sassone-Corsi.

Differences also in fat loss

"Using mice, we compared the influence of exercise on the metabolism at different times of the day," said the study leader in a UCI press release. Using transcriptomic and metabolomic analyzes, the research team identified significant differences in the metabolism of mice during training in the early resting phase (evening) or in the early active phase (morning). The movement in the morning led to a higher utilization of carbohydrates and ketone bodies as well as the breakdown of fats and amino acids. “We also found that training at the right time of day - early in the morning - leads to more oxygen in the cells and rejuvenates the body,” says Sassone-Corsi.

Exercise in the morning!

"Our results clearly show that the time of day is a crucial factor in enhancing the beneficial effects of exercise on both metabolic pathways within the skeletal muscles and improving systemic energy homeostasis," concluded the study director. If you want to achieve the greatest benefit for your health with exercise, you should be active in the early morning. (fp)

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