200 grams of meat a day increases the risk of rapid death by 23 percent

200 grams of meat a day increases the risk of rapid death by 23 percent

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Consuming too much meat is bad for your health

Many men like to eat meat regularly. However, this can have a negative impact on your health. Researchers have now found that consuming 200 grams of meat a day in men increases the risk of premature death.

In the current study by the University of Eastern Finland, it was found that eating 200 grams of meat a day greatly increases the risk of premature death. The results of the study were published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Daily meat consumption increased the risk of premature death

2,641 men were medically monitored for the study. Most of the participants mainly ate red meat. The study found that men who ate more than 200 grams of meat a day were 23 percent more likely to die prematurely over the next 20 years compared to men who ate less than 100 grams of meat a day. 200 grams of meat correspond to about six strips of bacon, three sausages or a steak. No increased risk was found for other animal proteins such as fish, dairy products or eggs.

Red meat is particularly harmful

The researchers found that participants' main protein source was red meat, which has been linked to heart disease and colon cancer. The results provide further clues for the ongoing discussion about red meat and its health effects. Red meat contains more saturated fatty acids than chicken or turkey meat, which can increase cholesterol levels, which is known to lead to heart disease. According to the NHS, red and processed meat such as sausage, bacon and ham are also likely to increase the risk of colon cancer. But red meat is not only unhealthy, it also contains a lot of protein, iron and vitamin B12.

How much meat should we eat?

For example, the UK Department of Health recommends that people should eat no more than 70 grams of red or processed meat a day. The American Institute of Cancer Research advises a maximum of 510 grams per week.

People with these diseases are particularly at risk

The men participating in the study were between the ages of 42 and 60 at the start of the study. The subjects recorded their typical protein intake over a period of four days. Then they were medically monitored for an average of 22 years. During this time, 1,225 illness-related deaths occurred. The study found that people with a high protein intake were more likely to die prematurely compared to their plant intake. However, this was only true for those who consumed excessive meat, as fish, dairy products and eggs were not a risk. Overeating meat has proven to be particularly dangerous for people with type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease or cancer. Even after adjusting to lifestyle factors, the results remained constant.

More research is needed

Future studies should now examine how proteins specifically affect people with health problems. However, the results should not be generalized for older people who are at higher risk of malnutrition and whose protein intake is often below the recommended amount, the study authors add. (as)

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