Public warning: Potency drugs “battering ram” can be fatal

Public warning: Potency drugs “battering ram” can be fatal

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Health impairments: Experts warn of the “battering ram” sexual enhancer

The regional council of Tübingen warns against the potency drug “battering ram”. Taking the product can cause serious health problems and, in the worst case, have a fatal effect.

Dangerous sexual enhancer

The regional council of Tübingen warns against taking the sexual enhancer "battering ram". "Taking the drug can lead to significant health problems and in the worst case can have fatal effects," says a message. People who have purchased or received this product are asked to dispose of it with their household waste.

Agent contains the active ingredient Viagra

According to the regional council, the product has been and is sold, among other things, via internet shops and betting shops as a purely natural food supplement.

According to a description on the Internet, "battering ram" consists largely of glucose syrup, honey, pollen and various spices.

The improved blood flow to the male limb is said to go back to the herbal remedy Ginkgo.

However, the remedy "contains the active ingredient" Sildenafil ", which is used to treat male erectile dysfunction and which can only be taken after prior medical prescription," says the Presidium.

"The active ingredient" Sildenafil "has also been found in an increased dosage."

It can be assumed that sales have taken place throughout Germany.

Serious side effects possible

Sildenafil was originally developed to treat high blood pressure. However, it was later discovered that it helps promote erection.

That is why the active ingredient, which is known to many under the trade name Viagra, is mainly used today in the treatment of erectile dysfunction such as erectile dysfunction.

According to health experts, taking the drug - especially at high doses - can lead to heart failure with severe side effects. Men with heart, liver or kidney diseases are particularly at risk.

Specialists advise that sildenafil should not be used without a thorough examination of the cardiovascular system. The active ingredient is not suitable for self-treatment.

Always have the cause clarified by a doctor

Potency drugs are prescription-only in Germany. This means that a doctor must first be consulted, who can then prescribe the medication if necessary.

And that also makes a lot of sense - after all, potency problems can have different causes and be associated with other health problems.

"Because an erectile dysfunction can be the result of a previously undiscovered, serious illness, a thorough medical examination should be carried out before starting treatment," says the "Urologist Portal" of the German Society for Urology (DGU).

According to the experts, erectile dysfunction can occur either without a recognizable cause or as a result of another illness, for example a sugar illness (diabetes mellitus), a vascular illness (arteriosclerosis), a nerve illness (polyneuropathy) or a high blood pressure.

"In addition, an erectile dysfunction can occur as a result of taking various medications (for high blood pressure, antidepressants, etc.)."

Furthermore, erectile dysfunction is often known as a result of injuries (e.g. pelvic fracture) or surgery, such as for prostate cancer.

"Before initiating therapy, a thorough preliminary examination of the affected man should be carried out in order to be able to assess causes and risk factors more precisely and treat them if necessary. This serves among other things consequential diseases such as to prevent a heart attack, ”said the urologist. (ad)

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