Always tired? A sick liver can also be the reason!

Fatigue and lack of concentration after vacation: signs of liver disease

The Easter holidays are just around the corner. Those who travel far away can bring serious illnesses home with them. If you feel unusually weak and tired, you should consult a doctor. Liver disease can be the cause. Lack of concentration and lack of drive include Symptoms for hepatitis A.

Tired and tired after the holiday

A vacation should actually make you happy and healthy, but some returnees feel tired and tired after the vacation for inexplicable reasons. Those who show such symptoms and have previously been in warm regions such as the Mediterranean should have their liver examined. This also applies to poor concentration and lack of drive. Because these can be signs of liver disease such as hepatitis A. The professional association of established gastroenterologists has pointed this out in a message.

Over half of the infections are travel souvenirs

"Hepatitis A is one of the most frequent undesirable travel souvenirs," said liver expert Dr. Karl-Georg Simon from the professional association of established gastrointestinal doctors. According to the information, more than half of all infections with the hepatitis A virus in Germany are travel souvenirs.

The pathogens are transmitted, among other things, by contaminated drinking water or inadequately prepared food. Many patients often do not know about their liver inflammation.

The liver doesn't hurt

According to the experts, the liver does not hurt. The complaints she causes are often unspecific. A simple check of the liver values ​​as part of a routine check by the family doctor can quickly clarify this. In healthy people, the disease usually heals itself after a while. However, the infection can become a risk to health for older people, those who are in poor health or have concomitant illnesses. Detecting hepatitis in good time can therefore be life-saving in exceptional cases. Dr. Simon advises people who go on vacation in warmer countries to get vaccinated. (ad)

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