New obesity treatment - millions of people could benefit

New obesity treatment - millions of people could benefit

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Treating Obesity With One Injection?

A novel treatment for obesity could help millions of people lose weight. This type of treatment only requires an injection and no serious surgery.

A recent study by John Hopkins University found that the new treatment can quickly and effectively rid people of obesity. A so-called bariatric embolization enables those affected to lose weight effectively and to keep their new weight for at least one year.

Participants lost 11 percent of their excess weight

An obesity injection could be the answer to weight problems. When people received such treatment, they lost an average of about eleven percent of their excess weight within twelve months. A cannula had to be inserted for the treatment, and the researchers then injected microscopic beads, some of which blocked the artery that supplies the stomach with blood. This intervention seems to suppress the production of hunger-stimulating hormones and reduce the general appetite. Because such an intervention is less invasive than bariatric surgery, it takes patients significantly less time to recover from bariatric embolization.

What results have been achieved?

Twenty highly obese patients with a BMI of 45 and an average weight of 139 kg took part in the study. In the first month after the procedure, participants lost an average of about eight percent of their excess weight and reported being less hungry. After the first month, reports of hunger increased, but hunger was still less than before the intervention. After one year, the patients lost about 11.5 percent of their excess weight.

More research is needed

Although an element of the placebo effect may also have been involved (most people will lose some weight if they take part in a weight loss measure), the results are quite serious, the researchers explain. However, it is worth noting that the study was only a small study with only twenty participants. So much more research is needed before a final result can be announced. However, the results are a big step forward when it comes to treating overweight and obesity.

Treatment is said to complement changes in diet and lifestyle

The scientists emphasized that the procedure was not intended to replace bariatric surgery, which is known to reduce patients' weight by up to 30 percent. Rather, the new treatment could complement diet and lifestyle changes to treat existing obesity. The procedure could be particularly suitable for people who do not want to undergo extreme surgery to combat their weight problem. Basically, to avoid obesity, we should pay attention to a balanced diet and sufficient exercise, generate a low calorie deficit and exercise regularly. (as)

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