Germany-wide recall at PENNY: Great plastic and wood splinters found in cheese!

Germany-wide recall at PENNY: Great plastic and wood splinters found in cheese!

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This cheese should never be consumed

PENNY Markt GmbH is currently warning its customers of foreign bodies that have entered a cheese offered. For reasons of preventive consumer protection, PENNY calls the affected product back.

It is the cheese "SAN FABIO Grana Padano (grated)" in a 150 gram pack with the best before date June 17, 2019 and the EAN: 24218795. According to Penny, it cannot be excluded that the product contains small white plastic parts and / or pieces of wood. Due to the risk of injury, the grated cheese should under no circumstances be consumed.

The cheese has already been taken out of sale

As Penny says in a customer information, the cheese concerned has already been taken out of sale. Customers who bought the cheese can return the product to the respective market and will be reimbursed the purchase price even without presenting the receipt.

Foreign body hazards in food

Errors in the manufacturing process repeatedly result in residues of metal, wood or plastic in the production of food. Depending on the shape, size and material, these foreign bodies can pose various health risks. When chewing, the foreign bodies can wound the mouth or cause permanent damage to teeth. If the foreign bodies are swallowed, they can block breathing and cause coughing, difficulty breathing or even shortness of breath. In the worst case, there is a risk of suffocation. Pointed or sharp-edged parts can also cause internal injuries or get stuck in the body and initiate inflammatory processes. Further information can be found in the article: Swallowed small parts: First aid for dangerous foreign bodies in the body. (vb)

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