Weight loss can permanently reverse type 2 diabetes

Weight loss can permanently reverse type 2 diabetes

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Is it possible to reverse type 2 diabetes?

A healthy body weight protects against the development of various diseases. But is it also possible to reverse existing diseases such as diabetes by significant weight loss? Doctors have now announced that in their study, about a third of all people who were on a low-calorie diet to lose so much weight could reverse type 2 diabetes.

In their current study, the University of Glasgow researchers found that type 2 diabetes can be reversed if people lose enough weight. The experts published the results of their study in the English-language journal "Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology".

Diabetes is reversible

As more and more people have weight problems and there is now a true obesity epidemic worldwide, the number of people with diabetes is also increasing. However, if people have type 2 diabetes, it does not mean that they have to suffer from the disease throughout their lives. Considerable weight loss can reverse many people's illnesses. Examination of the long-term effects showed that the disease was still in remission two years after losing weight. Scientists now better understand the biological nature of this reversible state. Patients in remission should know that previous evidence indicates a return of type 2 diabetes as people gain weight again.

Almost 300 participants were examined

Almost 300 subjects with type 2 diabetes and a body mass index between 27 and 45 kg / m2 took part in the current study. The subjects were divided into different groups. Half of the participants received normal diabetes treatment and the other half were included in a structured weight program. These subjects were asked to eat only low-calorie menus with a total of 800 calories per day for a period of twelve to 20 weeks. They were supported by nurses or a nutritionist to reduce their weight and to start eating normal foods again at the end of the study.

Type 2 diabetes is strongly related to weight

After the first year, 46 percent of the subjects on a low-calorie diet had reversed their type 2 diabetes. After two years, the disease was still in remission in more than a third of the subjects (36 percent) who had followed the low-calorie diet. Remission is closely related to weight loss. Most of the participants (64 percent) who lost more than ten kilos were still free of illness after two years. As expected, the subjects gained weight again between the first and second year. However, those who were in remission after one year had greater average weight loss (15.5 kg) than those who did not remain in remission (12 kg).

Remission was defined as if the subjects had long-term blood sugar levels of less than 48 mmol / mol (6.5) without the use of type 2 diabetes medication. In the future, people should focus on helping sufferers maintain weight loss and stay in remission for a lifetime, the study's authors explain. Some time ago there was another study in the journal "Cell Metabolism" on weight loss and diabetes, which had also shown that type 2 diabetes can be cured without medication. (as)

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