Allergies with these sensitive care products - Pay attention to the ingredients

Allergies with these sensitive care products - Pay attention to the ingredients

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Even in known sensitive care products there are harmful substances

Numerous products from the cosmetics industry advertise with imprints such as "sensitive", "particularly mild to the skin" or "especially for sensitive skin". What is behind these phrases? Is there really a composition that is less irritating to the skin or are such claims just brazen advertising lies? In a current test, a German team of experts felt the cosmetic giant on the tooth.

The demand for products for sensitive skin is great. However, there is no official regulation of what is considered "sensitive" or what is not. In the end, just looking at the ingredients reveals whether a care product is actually skin-friendly. In a current study, Ökotest took a closer look at the ingredients of twelve shower gels and twelve lotions. The complete test "Cosmetics for sensitive skin: How healthy are sensitive products?" Can be viewed on the Ökotest website.

Natural cosmetics are one step ahead

As Ökotest reports, all tested care products that were certified as natural cosmetics scored “very good”. No harmful ingredients were found in these products. Unfortunately, the recommendation for sensitive skin cannot be accepted with all products without hesitation.

Care products with this content can trigger allergies

The Information Network of Dermatological Clinics (IVDK) names which ingredients in skin care products irritate the skin or even trigger allergies. In particular, the fragrances are responsible for the skin rebelling. According to the IVDK, these include, for example, the ingredients isoeugenol, oak moss and cinnamal. Furthermore, some preservatives can have a harmful effect.

How do harmful skin care ingredients express themselves on the skin?

"Contact allergies caused by cosmetics, which can be recognized as eczema of the skin, develop about one to two out of 1,000 people per year," IVDK expert Professor Axel Schnuch told Ökotest. It is much more common to experience mild unwanted reactions such as itchy rash, reddening of the skin and irritation, which usually resolve on their own. The skin expert recommends in particular that care products that stay on the skin for longer, such as lotions, should pay more attention to the ingredients.

Many care products keep what they promise

Many sensitive shower gels and lotions rated Ökotest with the marks "very good" and good ", because they do not use fragrances, which can trigger allergies and also dispense with harmful preservatives. For example, the natural cosmetic skin lotion "Lavera Basis Sensitiv Moisturizing Lotion", which is sold by Rossmann, dm and in some pharmacies, among the test winners with the grade "very good".

Some black sheep under the well known brands

A well-known brand is not always a guarantee of good quality. Ökotest rated four care products with the grade "insufficient" and one with "poor". These include well-known brands such as the lotion from L'Oréal "Mixa Soothing Body Lotion with Oat Milk". Here Ökotest was able to identify several harmful ingredients, including increased amounts of carcinogenic formaldehyde, mineral oil compounds and artificial fragrances.

You should pay attention to this when buying

"Preservatives that can trigger allergies have lost nothing in sensitive cosmetics," emphasizes Professor Schnuch. Some of the agents tested contained the iodopropynyl butyl carbamate preservative, which has been shown to cause allergies. Artificial musk fragrances should also be avoided. The expert warns that these can accumulate in the adipose tissue. In addition, the fragrance Lilial should be critically assessed. In animal experiments, this ingredient had a damaging effect on reproduction. (vb)

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