Television makes you stupid

Television makes you stupid

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Does the television reduce our memory?

Children in particular often hear from their parents that watching too much TV is not good for their health. But not only children should watch little time watching TV, older people should also take this advice into account. Spending too much time watching TV leads to a significant decrease in verbal memory in older people.

In their latest study, University College London researchers found that when older people spend more than three hours watching TV each day, this roughly doubles the memory loss that occurs over time. The doctors published the results of their study in the English-language journal “Scientific Reports”.

How did the time in front of the television affect?

The study included 3,662 adult subjects. All participants were subjected to various tests every six years. The results show that the more television was watched, the greater was the decrease in verbal memory. When people watched television for less than three hours a day on average, it resulted in a drop of about four to five percent. However, if the participants watched the television for more than three hours a day, this decline in memory already increased to an average of eight to ten percent. According to the researchers, time in front of the television can cause cognitive stress that contributes to memory loss.

Television keeps us from activities that preserve mental functions

Older people who watch more television are less likely to engage in activities that help maintain their mental functions, such as reading or so-called interactive screen-based activities, such as using the Internet or playing video games.

TV benefits

Television can also offer advantages such as: B. Educational benefits through documentaries and relaxation benefits to reduce stress. Overall, however, adults from the age of 50 should try to ensure that television is reconciled with other high-contrast activities, the scientists advise.

Limit your time in front of the TV

The experts added that television could be a risk factor for the development of dementia, but warned that further research was needed to establish a connection. If you are concerned that the number of hours spent in front of the TV could adversely affect your health, you should simply limit the amount of television you watch every day. Instead, you should spend your time doing some activities that are as healthy as possible and stimulate your heart. (as)

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