Popular Initiative Insect Protection - Conservationists against the extinction of species

Popular Initiative Insect Protection - Conservationists against the extinction of species

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In Bavaria and Brandenburg there is already a popular initiative to protect the dying insects, in Berlin conservationists are still testing.

Slow bureaucracy

According to the Tagesspiegel, NABU Berlin is examining whether such a popular initiative would also make sense for Berlin. According to NABU, the reasons for this would be that there is a lack of personnel in the administration to fulfill the existing species protection programs.

Green infrastructure

According to Tagesspiegel, NABU managing director Sandkühler said: "The goal in the growing city must be joint urban planning, which in addition to housing construction also plans a green infrastructure and protects ecologically valuable green spaces."

Necessary steps

According to Sandkühler, urban housing associations could promote species protection by creating their often sterile green spaces with food plants and retreat areas for insects. Although there is an official charter for the city green, it is currently only a declaration of intent.

Role model Bavaria

In Bavaria, 950,000 people registered in 14 days, i.e. 18.4 percent of those eligible to vote for the species protection petition - almost twice as many votes as necessary.

Slap in the face of the CSU

This hit the ruling CSU hard, which has so far refused to accept scientific knowledge about the decisive guilt of industrial agriculture for the bee death and the decline of insects and which was against the movement for species protection as an enemy.

Brandenburg is following suit

The success in Bavaria led to Brandenburg conservationists starting such an initiative in their federal state. According to the Tagesspiegel, the state chairmen of NABU and BUND said: "We want to start this spring this year."

Gardens and fields

In Bavaria and agriculture, the main thing is to make the sprayed agricultural deserts more life-friendly again. In Berlin, however, the focus is on the gardens and parks. These would have to be maintained less intensively and used more gently.

Bird deaths and insect decline

Many bird species in the open landscape are in open fall. The partridge population even decreased by 97%, skylarks and lapwings decrease dramatically. The death of birds eating insects is particularly evident. The insect population collapsed by 80% and the birds starve to death without their food.

Bauernbund wants to continue as before

The Brandenburg Farmers' Association refuses to do anything about bird and insect death. His managing director Reinhard Jung even speaks of "horror scenarios in Heidiland". With the eco-quotas and land closures required in Bavaria, many farmers would in fact be expropriated.

Peasant spokesman denies scientific facts

There is no doubt for scientists. Cause number 1 for insect death with a long way to go before the concreting of areas, sterile gardens or industry - is today's conventional agriculture. Jung, however, throws a fog candle and blames house and road construction and sterile lawns.

Federal government action program

Federal Environment Minister Svenja Schulze (SPD) is planning an “action program” and promoting insect protection with an additional 100 million euros per year. (Dr. Utz Anhalt)

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