Measles in Switzerland - one cause: opponents of vaccination

Measles in Switzerland - one cause: opponents of vaccination

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According to a report by the Aargauer Zeitung, go to the Rudolf Steiner School in Biel. Twelve infections are known and students of all classes have to stay at home first. The reason: many of the students are not vaccinated because their anthroposophical parents reject vaccinations.

Less vaccination

All known measles cases in the area of ​​the Health Directorate of Bern come from the Steiner School in Biel. The cantonal medical office suspects: "At this Steiner school, the vaccination rate seems to be lower than in the general population, which is why there is more infection."

Ninety percent vaccinated

In the canton of Bern, at least 2014, over 90 percent of children aged two, eight and sixteen were vaccinated with one dose against measles, mumps and rubella, and 80 percent with two doses.

Not a harmless childhood illness

The Swiss Federal Office of Public Health writes that every tenth measles disease causes complications - especially in adults. From 2006 to 2009, measles was rampant in 4,400 people, up to five percent of whom developed pneumonia, as many as otitis media, nine of meningitis. In 2009, a person died in Switzerland as a result of the disease.

Protect the unvaccinated

The school lock in Biel is primarily intended to protect those who cannot be vaccinated against measles: pregnant women, infants and people with a weak immune system.

Catch up vaccination

Vaccination is still effective three days after contact with the sick. Some parents around the Steiner School had their children vaccinated for a short time after the outbreak after they had previously failed to do so.

Opponents of vaccination

Other parents are still opponents of vaccination. A school mother does not have her children vaccinated after measles appeared in her son's class. She says: "I am convinced that the side effects of vaccination can be worse than the disease itself."

Anthroposophical fantasies

The school's namesake, the anthroposophist Rudolf Steiner, rejected scientific knowledge about diseases. According to him, diseases arise from negative karma that must be removed and are a process of cognition. Vaccinations would block this process. The mother mentioned also considers getting through measles to be a valuable step in child development.

Measles outbreaks at anthroposphere schools

Following their esoteric founding father, many anthropsophic parents do not have their children vaccinated. That is why measles waves keep breaking out in Waldorf schools: in 2009, for example, at a Waldorf school in Hamburg-Harburg, where less than half of the students were vaccinated.

Worldwide increase

Measles is on the rise again globally. In 2018, 34,000 people fell ill in Africa and over 70,000 in Southeast Asia. Measles epidemics in Liberia, Madagascar and the Philippines cost hundreds of lives. Measles cases tripled in Europe. In 2017, 110,000 people died of measles worldwide.

Inadequate vaccinations there, opponents of vaccination here

Measles is spreading in Africa and Southeast Asia because the inadequate medical infrastructure has so far only resulted in poor vaccination coverage. In western and central Europe, on the other hand, the potentially fatal infection usually breaks out because members of religious sects and esoteric salvation teachings such as anthroposophy reject vaccinations for ideological reasons.

Arguments against measles vaccination?

Tough opponents of vaccination represent a closed world view, often paired with a conspiracy craze that rejects scientific findings. There are no scientific arguments that speak against vaccinations in general. Rather, vaccination is the medical measure that has saved most lives globally in human history.

Dangerous ideology

The ideology of the opponents of vaccination is even more dangerous than other "alternative facts". Failure to vaccinate causes serious and even fatal diseases to spread again and again that could be eradicated by vaccination. (Dr. Utz Anhalt)

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