Carbon monoxide poisoning: Two women passed out when visiting a shisha bar

Carbon monoxide poisoning: Two women passed out when visiting a shisha bar

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Several people suffer from carbon monoxide poisoning in a shisha bar - 2 women pass out

At the weekend, two women in a shisha bar in Lower Saxony passed out from carbon monoxide poisoning and had to be taken to a hospital. Several other guests also had to receive medical care.

Increased carbon monoxide levels measured

In the night from Saturday to Sunday there was a large-scale deployment by the fire brigade, rescue service and police in a shisha bar in Peine, Lower Saxony. According to a message that was published on the "press portal", increased carbon monoxide levels were measured in the shisha bar. According to the information, two female guests of the bar passed out briefly and were brought to the Peine hospital by ambulance.

Shisha bar has been temporarily closed

Eight other guests who were found to have greatly increased carbon monoxide levels were given medical care on site.

A total of twelve ambulances, two ambulance vehicles and 41 firefighters and two patrol cars were on site.

According to police, the hookah bar was temporarily closed and an investigation was initiated.

Deadly danger

Carbon monoxide poisoning from hookah smoking has been reported several times in the past.

Health experts have therefore called for carbon monoxide detectors for shisha bars.

Poisoning leads to symptoms such as headache, dizziness, rapid heartbeat, shortness of breath, nausea and loss of consciousness, and even death from suffocation.

Different sources of carbon monoxide

"Carbon monoxide (chemical technical term: carbon monoxide) is created when materials containing carbon are burned at high temperatures and with a low oxygen supply," explains the Poison Information Center North (GIZ-Nord).

Common sources of danger are fireplaces whose ventilation system is not working well enough and defective gas heaters.

Carbon monoxide poisoning from wood pellets is also possible.

Grills and patio heaters can also become a risk - and also hookah bars. (Ad)

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