Lack of doctors

Lack of doctors

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The terms lack of doctors and flood of doctors describe a discrepancy between medical supply and demand - the former is an undersupply by medical professionals. In Germany, there is a shortage of doctors, particularly in rural areas, although this is sometimes only referred to as a geographical unequal distribution. While there was a warning about a surge of doctors in the 1980s, the picture reversed from around 2007. At the time, the Federal Employment Agency reported that a shortage of doctors was imminent both in Germany and in other European countries.

In recent years, despite the shortage in rural areas, there has been an increasing number of unemployed medical professionals. With a density of around 4.7 doctors per 1000 inhabitants, Germany is also above the OECD average. Nevertheless, the shortage of skilled workers in the rural regions is undeniable, which is also evident from the growing number of measures to increase the attractiveness of rural positions. (mb)

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