Natural cancer prevention: around 50 percent of tumor diseases can be eradicated in this way

Natural cancer prevention: around 50 percent of tumor diseases can be eradicated in this way

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World Cancer Day: Half of the cancers could be avoided

Around half a million people in Germany contract cancer each year. According to health experts, about half of the illnesses could be avoided by a healthy lifestyle.

The number of cancers is increasing

More and more people are getting cancer. The number of new diagnoses in Germany has almost doubled since 1970. According to experts, a large part of all cancers is considered preventable. Because a healthy lifestyle can significantly reduce the risk of cancer.

Healthy lifestyle lowers the risk of many lifestyle diseases

Around 500,000 people in Germany contract cancer each year. On the occasion of World Cancer Day on February 4, the Barmer Krankenkasse pointed out that around half of these cases could be avoided by a healthy lifestyle.

"A healthy lifestyle reduces the risk of many diseases of civilization, especially cancer," says Dr. Ursula Marschall, chief medical officer of the Barmer in a message.

"No smoking, regular exercise, no excess weight, little alcohol and good protection against the UV radiation from the sun characterize such a lifestyle," explains the expert.

Everyone can do a lot to significantly reduce their personal cancer risk.

Cancer screening used too rarely

Current care data from the Barmer showed that early detection measures of cancer are still used too rarely.

“In 2017, only around 16.8 million women in Germany were diagnosed with cancer. For men, there were only 4.6 million. That means that only every second woman and only every tenth man who are entitled to it were diagnosed with cancer, ”says Marschall.

That is clearly not enough given the fact that an early diagnosis of cancer can be treated all the better. The health insurance provider's data showed clear regional differences in the use of early diagnosis examinations.

Saarland (36.4 percent) and Bavaria (38.8 percent) had the lowest examination rates among women. Rates in the new federal states were consistently higher. Saxony is the leader with 44.4 percent.

For men, the differences between the federal states varied more. However, the lowest rates were also found here in Saarland (9.3 percent) and Bavaria (9.8 percent). Early detection of cancer would be used most frequently by men in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania (13.5 percent).

The health insurance companies cover the costs of cancer screening tests for women aged 20 and over and men aged 45 and over. (ad)

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