Internal organs

Internal organs

Internal organs

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The internal organs mainly include all organs that are not visible inside the body. With the exception of the sensory organs and skin, this applies to all other organs. Organs are specialized parts of the body that perform certain functions in the organism. For example, the stomach organ specializes in storing, mixing, disinfecting, adding enzymes and passing them on to the intestine in portions. The individual organs are interconnected in organ systems. Only the interaction enables the body to function properly.

The most important internal organs in humans include:

  • the pancreas,
  • the bubble,
  • the blood and blood vessels,
  • the intestinal tract,
  • the gallbladder,
  • the brain,
  • the heart,
  • the liver,
  • the lung,
  • the stomach,
  • the spleen,
  • the muscles,
  • the kidneys,
  • thyroid,
  • the skeleton,
  • the diaphragm.

Analogously, however, the term internal organs is often only used for the organs that are located in the chest and abdomen.

Internal organs

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