The natural food manufacturer is calling back various peanut products because of mold

The natural food manufacturer is calling back various peanut products because of mold

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Aflatoxin: recall for organic peanut puree due to mold

The natural food manufacturer TerraSana from the Netherlands has started a recall for various peanut products. A contamination with mold was found in the organic food, which is also available through the natural food trade in Germany.

Limit violations of aflatoxin determined

The natural food manufacturer and supplier of organic products TerraSana is recalling various organic peanut products. According to a report by the internet portal "", the company from the Netherlands announced that limit values ​​for aflatoxin were found in the course of routine examinations. These molds can affect health.

Sold through health food stores

"As a precaution, we decided to recall the entire peanut jam made from the same batch of raw materials," the company wrote in a statement released by the Swiss Federal Food Safety and Veterinary Office.

According to the information, the products are also offered through natural food retailers in Germany.

The following are affected by the recall:

  • Peanut Crunchy Peanut organic, content: 250g, best before: 07/03/2020 + 07/24/2020
  • Peanut Crunchy Peanut organic, content: 500g, best before: 07/02/2020 + 07/23/2020
  • Peanut organic peanut butter, content: 250g, best before: 04.07.2020 + 05.07.2020
  • Peanut organic peanut butter, content: 500g, best before: 10.06.2020, 02.07.2020 + 05.07.2020

Consumers are asked to stop consuming and disposing of the products. Heating the food cannot eliminate these toxic metabolic products.

Carcinogenic substances

According to the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR), aflatoxins are "among the strongest poisons and carcinogenic substances found in nature".

According to the experts, aflatoxins have shown carcinogenic effects (especially liver cancer) in animal experiments.

And in humans "a possible connection with the hepatitis virus B is discussed when liver cancer occurs".

As the institute reports on its website, the mold poisons are “heat-stable and are only partially destroyed when cooking or baking. They can be taken in with food or with polluted air. "(Ad)

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