Recall from dm branches: This rice is contaminated with mold that is harmful to health

Recall from dm branches: This rice is contaminated with mold that is harmful to health

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Drugstore chain dm recalls rice due to mold risk

The drugstore chain dm has launched a recall for an organic rice. According to the company, it cannot be ruled out that there are molds in it that could affect health.

Increased aflatoxin levels

The drugstore chain dm is recalling the article "dmBio Langkorn Reis Natur" with the best before dates (expiry date) 26.10.2019 and 23.11.2019. "Reason for the recall: It cannot be ruled out that there are increased aflatoxin levels in products with the above-mentioned best before", the company dm-drogerie markt writes in a consumer information. "These substances can have a negative impact on health if they are absorbed over a longer period of time," it says.

Do not consume the product

Customers are asked not to consume the product with the stated best before dates and to return it to the dm stores unopened or already opened.

The best before date is easily recognizable on the side of the packaging.

The purchase price will be refunded.

Carcinogenic substances

“Aflatoxins are metabolic products that are formed by various molds. Mold, for example, can form due to insufficient drying or incorrect storage, ”says the consumer information.

According to the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR), aflatoxins are "among the strongest poisons and carcinogenic substances found in nature".

According to the experts, aflatoxins have shown carcinogenic effects (especially liver cancer) in animal experiments.

And in humans "a possible connection with the hepatitis virus B is discussed when liver cancer occurs".

As the institute reports on its website, the mold poisons are “heat-stable and are only partially destroyed when cooking or baking. They can be taken in with food or with polluted air. "(Ad)

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