Therapy for cardiac arrhythmia successful for the first time

Therapy for cardiac arrhythmia successful for the first time

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Now also in Germany: radiation therapy against cardiac arrhythmia

A new high-precision radiation therapy can cure life-threatening cardiac arrhythmias with a single treatment - even those in which all other available treatments have failed. A 79-year-old man was recently the first patient in Germany to be successfully healed using the new method.

At the University Medical Center Schleswig-Holstein (UKSH) there is now for the first time in Germany the opportunity to cure severe cardiac arrhythmias that oppose any other therapy. On November 30, 2018, in just one treatment, a 79-year-old man was cured of his life-threatening illness. The man is the first patient in Germany to be treated in this way and is also one of the first patients worldwide to benefit from this new method.

An incurable case was made curable

As the treating doctors report, the patient suffered from severe heart muscle disease. He received the maximum possible medication, and yet his implanted defibrillator electrocuted almost daily to keep the man alive. "The malignant cardiac arrhythmias have not recurred after the successful radiation," reports Professor Dr. Hendrik Bonnemeier in a press release on the successful treatment.

An innovative and ultra-modern process

The first treatment was planned half a year in advance. Professor Bonnemeier and his colleagues used the best possible equipment to create a high-resolution image of the patient's left ventricle. This made it possible to pinpoint the target region that should be irradiated during the treatment. A team of specialists from radiation therapists and medical physics experts then carried out the targeted radiation to remove the cardiac arrhythmias.

Pioneering therapy for severe cardiac arrhythmias

According to the specialists, this new method is a pioneering therapy option for people whose tachycardias do not respond to common treatments. In the coming year, this treatment will be examined in more detail in a clinical study on affected patients. (vb)

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