Bread, cookies, cakes: which flour is suitable for which pastries?

Bread, cookies, cakes: which flour is suitable for which pastries?

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Wheat, spelled, rye: the basics of flour types

Wheat, rye, spelled: there are usually different types of flour on offer in supermarkets. But which flour is more suitable for baking bread? And which one is more suitable for cakes or cookies? Experts have some important information about this.

Ingredients for baking

Healthy bread, delicious cakes and tarts or biscuits: some people like to bake all year round. Others turn on the stove for baking only when preparing Christmas cookies such as speculoos and gingerbread. If you want to get the ingredients for baking in the supermarket, you will come across the different types of flour and special flours. But which flour is suitable for which pastry? Experts have some important information about this.

To differentiate based on the number of flour types

Wheat, spelled and rye flour can be differentiated based on the number of flour types.

"The more a flour contains from the mineral and fiber-rich grain bowl, the higher the number of types and the darker the flour", explains Gisela Horlemann, ecotrophologist at the Consumer Service Bavaria in the KDFB e.V. (VSB) in a message.

"The wheat flour of type 405 therefore contains 405 mg of minerals in 100 g of flour," says the expert.

Whole grain products do not have a type number because they contain all the components of the cleaned grains, including the seedling.

Rather for cookies and cakes or for bread and rolls

According to the consumer service, the "classic" wheat flour type 450 is suitable for cookies, cakes and other pastries.

Wheat flour type 550 with its high proportion of baking protein, on the other hand, makes bread, rolls and pastries from yeast dough rise well and gives a golden crust.

Rye flour is mainly used for savory pastries.

Healthy wholemeal flour

Wholemeal flour ensures a hearty taste, a pithy dough structure and, according to the experts, is ideal for nut biscuits. It is also considered a particularly healthy flour.

It is known that eating whole grains can protect against many chronic illnesses, promote dental health, and is helpful for losing weight.

Special flour for strudel dough

As the Consumer ServiceByern further explains, double-handled flour, which is also commercially available as instant flour or Wiener Griessler, is a special flour.

It has a light grain, is free-flowing and can be dissolved without clumping. The dough appears particularly elastic, stretchable and rollable, making it ideal for strudel and yeast dough.

This flour is also popular for binding sauces and soups and is preferable to the classic starch sauce binders, since consistency and quality are better preserved when cooling and reheating. (ad)

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