Germany-wide recall at dm: This chocolate bar can contain nasty steel splinters

Germany-wide recall at dm: This chocolate bar can contain nasty steel splinters

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DmBio Kokos Riegel Zartbitter is recalled

The Federal Office of Consumer Protection and Food Safety and the dm-drogerie markt are currently warning of possible risk of injury in an in-house chocolate bar. Apparently, stainless steel bristles from a cleaning brush got into the chocolate bar during production.

The product is the “dmBio Kokos Riegel Zartbitter” with a best-before date of April 17, 2019. “dm-drogerie markt is recalling the article for reasons of preventive consumer protection,” the company wrote in a customer information.

Bristles in the candy bar

"It cannot be ruled out that stainless steel bristles of a cleaning brush could have gotten into bars with an expiration date of 04/17/2019," says dm. The manufacturer and the Federal Office of Consumer Protection advise against consumption. Instead, the product can be returned unopened or opened in all dm stores. The purchase price will be refunded. dm emphasizes that only this product with the stated best-before date is affected.

What are the dangers of metal parts in food?

Metallic splinters in food can cause cuts and stab wounds in the mouth or throat. Depending on the shape and size of the metal part, symptoms such as difficulty breathing or shortness of breath may occur if swallowed. There is also a risk of suffocation if small parts are swallowed. There is also a risk that the metallic foreign body will get stuck in the organism and trigger inflammatory processes. Furthermore, stomach problems or internal bleeding can occur during the passage of the digestive tract.

Exemplary consumer information

In contrast to many other manufacturers, the dm-drogerie markt GmbH and Co. KG tries to inform as many consumers as possible about the recall. For example, a clear warning can be seen directly on the homepage of the website. The company also offers to share this warning directly with other users via facebook or twitter to inform them. (vb)

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