Yogurt with chocolate: insider tip for sleep disorders

Yogurt with chocolate: insider tip for sleep disorders

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Yogurt and chocolate help against sleep disorders

According to current studies, every second person suffers from sleep disorders once or more in life. For some people, falling asleep is even a permanent problem. A simple mixture can help you fall asleep comfortably.

Yogurt and chocolate work like milk with honey

But now the State Association of the Bavarian Dairy Industry (LVBM) has a new tip: According to this, a mug of lean yogurt and then a piece of chocolate would have a calming effect and thus help with sleep problems. Because this combination has the same effect as a cup of warm milk with honey. According to the State Association of the Bavarian Dairy Industry, however, this method can only be effective if people actually go to bed no later than 15 minutes after eating - because "otherwise the effects will fizzle out again," says the LVBM.

Soothing effects of milk ingredients

According to the LVBM, the explanation for the calming effect of yogurt and chocolate can be found in milk: Because this contains the protein component tryptophan, which is the basic material for the production of the hormone serotonin. And "the higher the serotonin level, the calmer and more relaxed you feel and falls asleep easier," the state association continues. However, the body cannot produce this protein component itself, which is why the LVBM is necessary after protein: "After eating protein-rich meals, the protein component flows into the blood and is transported to the brain, where it is converted into serotonin."

However, there are other protein building blocks in milk that are not calming, on the contrary, they can have a stimulating effect. This counteraction can, however, chocolate or honey, because both contain sugar and this "ensures that most of the protein building blocks, with the exception of tryptophan, are stored in the muscles". (sb)

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