Tomato wine: what does wine made from tomatoes taste like?

Tomato wine: what does wine made from tomatoes taste like?

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Wine from tomatoes: an old idea comes to new fame

It is usually ketchup when tomatoes come from the bottle and also from the North American continent. Not so with Omerto - a Canadian special wine made from: tomatoes!

Pascal Miche, a wine expert and tomato farmer from nearby Quebec, dug out an old recipe from his great-grandfather. As early as 1938, he had successfully processed part of his tomato harvest into wine. A particularly good and sun-ripened vintage of tomatoes gave him this unusual idea. The result of years of testing: an excellent droplet with around 16 percent alcohol. The tomato wine was born. But it took a few more generations for the great-grandson to bring new fame to the old recipe: Arriving in Quebec, Pascal worked on it until ten years later he had invented a marketable quality product. Now it is also available on the international market. His tomato vineyard is now home to more than 5,000 plants that bring him 34,000 bottles of tomato wine.

Pascal Miche claims to be the only supplier of tomato wine worldwide. He modified the secret recipe to this day a little, because in the past only one type of tomato was used. Equipped with the tinker gene of his ancestors, the studied oenologist and sommelier first experimented with sixteen different types of tomato. In the course of time, two products emerged from this that contain six different varieties. The “dry” tomato wine with an intense and peppery aroma, and the “lovely” one with fruity and floral aromas. A taste experience that surely goes far beyond what you would normally expect from tomatoes in a bottle. Friederike Heidenhof, resp

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