Mold poisoning: recall campaign for popcorn corn from Seeberger

Mold poisoning: recall campaign for popcorn corn from Seeberger

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Limit values ​​exceeded: Seeberger calls popcorn maize back for mold poisoning

The Seeberger company from Ulm in Baden-Württemberg has a recall for the
Article "Popcorn Maize 500g" (unpopped) started and asked consumers to stop consuming certain batches of the product. Mold poisons may be included in the product.

Limit values ​​for mold toxins exceeded

The Seeberger company from Ulm (Baden-Württemberg) is recalling the article "Popcorn-Mais 500g" (unpopped) and asks the consumer to stop consuming the product of certain batches. The reason for the recall: “In individual cases, the limit values ​​for the mold toxins aflatoxins or ochratoxin may be exceeded for the products in these batches. The substances mentioned can be harmful to health if they are taken in chronically, ”the company wrote in a message.

Purchase price will be replaced

The recall affects the batches of the product "Popcorn Maize 500g" from the Seeberger brand with the following lot numbers and expiration dates:

L435136 with best before date 01/2020
L435137 with best before date 02/2020
L437018 with best before date 02/2020
L437019 with best before date 02/2020

The company has already had the items affected possibly removed from the shelves.

"To replace the damage quickly and easily, consumers are asked to send a photo of the packaging, on which the batch and the best-before date are visible, as well as their address by email to [email protected]," it says the company's website.

"Alternatively, the goods, opened and unopened, can be sent to Seeberger by post." The purchase price will be replaced.

Not acute harmful to health

As the Seeberger company explains, Aflax toxins and ochratoxins belong to the group of mycotoxins, i.e. mold toxins.

“Mycotoxins are naturally occurring metabolic products from many types of mold. The spoilage of food through mold, especially in agricultural products, is an absolutely natural process and therefore part of our ecosystem, ”the company writes.

The consumption of the product affected by the recall is not acutely harmful to health.

"According to toxicological reports, there is no health risk even for small children aged 2-5 years, even if one portion of popcorn maize is consumed continuously on a daily basis," the report says. (ad)

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